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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Farmer*sWife's Easy Muffin Tin Apple Pies

So I made these today. For the CCD bake sale tomorrow for their project to help children in between foster placement. (Yes, I had to brag about the kids again.)

Anyhow, these are so easy. I just kinda' made them up. We had apples, I wanted to sell something different, we had brown sugar and biscuits... TADA!

The before pic after I've assembled them:

The pic when they are toasty and done:

Plated to cool and be wrapped for the bake sale tomorrow! YES, we tried one. My brother said I should exhibit a pic of one cut in half but we only had one left and it was eaten before a camera or phone could be clicked :-P

Here is what we did (so simple) and remember to make it your own:

3 apples, two pink ladies and one granny smith (the best pies are made from the most flavorful apples)

Half an orange (I added this because we had some that needed to be eaten, and the citrus is good for the apples)

1/2 a stick of melted butter

brown sugar (I didn't measure; 1/2 - 1 cup; I did mine in batches so that is why no measurement)

About 3 tablespoons of flour

All spice and cinnamon to your liking

Canned biscuits (not jumbo or flaky although I think flaky might work really well)


Peel and dice the apples into mini cubes like about 1/4 inch or smaller. Mix up melted butter, brown sugar and spices. Add in apples and mix. Squeeze the orange juice over the apple mixture and mix well.

On a floured surface roll out canned biscuits, one at a time. Roll it out until about 3 inches in diameter.
Place rolled out biscuit in one of the (bakers sprayed or non stick sprayed) cups on a muffin pan. Lightly tuck the middle into the muffin cup. Fill the cup with apple pie filling.

Fold the edges of the biscuit in a flower style over the apple pie filling.

Repeat for the rest of the biscuits and pie filling.

Melt additional butter and brush on the tops of each muffin apple pie. Be generous but don't drown them. Then put in 400 degree oven for about ten minutes. Check them. Pull them out and check the bottoms as well as the tops. They will be unset and tender so be careful not to break through the bottoms.

You might want to brush with butter once more (I did) and put back in a watched oven for another couple of minutes. They will still need to cool to set up after done baking (when crust is tender brown on bottom and top).

Let sit about ten minutes and then place on a plate or other dish. SERVE. ICE CREAM WOULD BE NICE!!

It is so much easier than it sounds and they are fantastic!!

Happy Saturday and happy baking!!


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