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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

JUNIOR HIGH'dome: Entering the transition

Yeah. So we are heading there now. Me and Farmer, Jr. Junior high. Today was the field trip for 5th grade to the Junior High so the students could get a tour of the campus and also a presentation by the Junior High students about what clubs are available and what 'Junior High' life is like.

Farmer, Jr. only half way interested. Me, getting anxious, excited, paranoid? Yes, all the above. A wee bit "WTH are we in for?" Yeah, that too. MY BABY!! MY BABIES!! (I know all these kids and they look so small and young to be on a Junior High campus... sweet peaches, I just want to cuddle them!)

The principal gave a great speech. Although, I didn't find it quite as inspiring as I would have thunk but rather a slight bit - um, intimidating... I thought that speech would be saved for the first day of school.

It is so different from when I was a kid. Farmer, Jr. and I are a team though and we break into each new year together with all of its challenges and cool stuff too. By the time Lil'Gal comes along I've got it down. Which is good. Because she doesn't like change and transition either. And, she has separation anxiety. (I'll let you know what year she kicks me to the curb). :-P

So, I am preparing as much as him to endeavor onto a new campus and get to know new staff come July.

I will say, Farmer, Jr. has a good little group of friends. At lunch we got a table together because, well, at Junior High you can sit wherever you want. ;-) A bonus for growing and maturing. You also get a whole lot more food choices and a way better snack bar. The boys commended the food; this is what they are most looking forward to. :-P FJ went and grabbed a couple friends and one or two might have grabbed him to sit at our table. Most of the boys are in Safety Patrol with him which means they were selected from 4th grade for exhibiting excellence in behavior and academics. (These are the type of boys I'll let over to my house with him).

At the 'assembly' the Junior Highers' shared about various clubs. Band, Choir, NHS, Cheerleading (obviously NOT his thing but Lil'Gal will probably jump all over that one - pun intended), Yearbook, Swim Team, etc. I would mentioned to FJ, 'Hey, you might like that?" Him, shrug. Me, "What about that???" Him, shrug. Me, "What about THIS one?" Him, "I don't want to do anything that makes me stay after school." Okay. Well, there'ya'go. LOL! I guess extra curricular will stay with hunting, fishing and 4-H. FINE with ME!

The campus. I need to sign in as a guest and introduce myself to Ms. S, the librarian there so I can meander around the campus to find my way around. With 13 5th grade classes and a quick tour I couldn't figure out which way was up and down. Do I really have to know? YES.

One of my bestest friends is a teacher, Ms. Les, and she asked me recently, "How long are you going to follow them around until you let them out on their own?" Or something like that. She meant it well.

Me, "Copter, copter, copter..." A) Farmer, Jr. needs me to on a certain level; dysgraphia is something that doesn't just apply to ELA. It affects him in every course. Notes, testing, etc. So I have to be aware of what is going on in the classroom to be sure he is getting the accommodations needed (and, of course, ONLY what is needed). B) Lil'Gal still wants me around. My being on campus provides her with confidence. C) I know the kids. ALL the kids and they know me. They like me. My kids will grow up with them. I will know who and what and when to help my children make good social choices should they ask my opinion. D) I have friends with children in the same age range who don't have the opportunity to be up there all the time. I'm their eyes and ears when I see things going one way or the other, I can hug their kids or high five them and help them when they seem to be falling astray. D) I LIKE it. One day my kids are going to thank me for all that I do and have done and for the fabulous opportunity that they had with my being 'around'. Helping in school. Knowing the staff. 

It all pays off in the end. Think of me as the mom Sandra Bullock played in "The Blindside". (If only I was as good looking as her). Yeah. She's all cool and put together. She's a super mom. Yeah, THAT's ME. 

So while somewhat intimidated by all the changing of classes and hoping FJ can keep all his stuff organized, I'm almost getting kinda-sorta-maybe ready to help my first born grow up a little more. Ya' know. In a few months. After summer. 



Michèle Hastings said...

An exciting time of transitions and growing up!

The Queen said...

you were nominated for 4TH OF JULY Hostess Queen.

You will be notified if you win

Glass Half Full Gal said...

WHAT??? Awesome!!! What do I do!!! I was gone out of State when your comment was posted!!!