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Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Gym & I: Rebuilding our relationship :-P

PUBLIC BLOG NOTICE: These 'gym' posts I hope to be humorous and also, on occasion, allow me to brag about my physical improvement. :-P

I have to say that it is SO MUCH harder at 41 than at 25 to get my body back in shape. Of course, until hitting my late thirties I never had issues with 'getting back in shape'. I just kinda' maintained it. Don't throw tomatoes, I did work out and work at it more but I didn't have to work at it like in my 40s.

I don't expect to be as fit as I was at 25. But, I would take my physique back (after having two children) from about 35. I was good and comfortable with myself. And, no high blood pressure or puffy face, and my clothes still fit..

Just keep spinning, just keep spinning-spinning!

So, my first day at the gym I took a spin class. I've always wanted to do a spin class. You know, like you see in the movies where they are spinning super fast and sweaty [I don't like the sweaty part, that's why I get the fan] and having a conversation with best friends like the gals on' Sex In The City'. I was really excited!

I went in totally motivated to SPIN-SPIN-SPIN! But it's not just spinning. There is resistance called gauge. You have to stand up and bike (and not like when we were kids). Then you have to alternate with this position I'd almost call a crime called "Hover" I hate to Hover unless I'm hovering over my children's lives and academics. Anyhow at each interval you have to turn up your gauge. OW.

As I was spinning in a class that in my 20s and 30s I would have kick PIE at, I found myself breathing hard and cursing to myself under my breath. [A LOT.] At that moment when I saw my profile in the mirror I realized - Holey $H!T! I HAVE totally let myself GO!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!! And thus began my uphill battle with working out three times as hard as I had to in my younger years, when I enjoyed working out three times as hard as I had to. What's the term for that scenario. I know there is a word in the dictionary for that turn of events in life.

So this morning, after having been spinning and attending a cario-weight class for about six weeks a couple came in to spin. She seemed a little younger than me. Not slender but in really good shape (i.e.: her old clothes fit). She brought her husband who seemed about my age. I've never seen a man in the class. Would love to get Hubby but he's not crazy about the tiny bike seat (um, we don't spend that much time 'on' the seat and when we do we worship it.)

Her husband is training for a triathlon. Or something similar to that. He was in good shape too. Since he was in training she suggested to him that he should try the spin class with her. At first I think he thought, politely, "Eh, I can do this." He didn't know what he was in for!

I was next to him and recognized his struggles. Oh, he was holding his own but it reminded me of me six weeks ago. *Patting self on back at my progress*

At one point, about half way through (while I was doing well) it was "Hover" time. Again. At the same time we both said under our breath "$h!t". I found it quite funny and we laughed through our breathing.

The instructor giggled as she said, "Sorry!" into the mic as she was leading the class.

I'm thinking we might see them both back at the next class. I'd love to get Hubby in. I might challenge him. ;-)

Anyway, other than some curses under my breath and my clothes still not fitting any better I've found that the gym is worth it and I'm held to a higher level of participation so long as 'the others' are watching me. Because at home... well, for a little electricity my treadmill agreed not to tell on me. :-P


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