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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Kids and Sibling Rivalry

So, we all know. As parents. That when you have more than one child there tends to be an animosity in the house. It is basically a love-hate-love-tolerate-love-hate relationship amongst the siblings.

So Farmer, Jr's room is usually in a whirlwind of a wreck. Not because he's messy. Because he still plays a lot with his tractors. He's practicing for next year when we hope we have a real crop and for life learning. LOL! And, legos. And transformers. And, those build a critter things... Bionicals? His uncle gave him?

He's in sixth grade but as handsome as he is he is not on the girl radar - wait - he's on their radar but he doesn't know what it is yet.

Anyhoo. He had the chores to do and his room and bathroom to clean. He gets overwhelmed when it comes to his room and 'cleaning'. "I'm still playing with that, after my homework." And, "It's tooooo much MOM!" Well, you get it out, you put it up.

"I'm going to wear those clothes again." Say what? Dirty. No.

"But I'm working on thaaaaatttt. This is sooooo harrrrrddddd."

Reminds me of my second youngest brother once. Me, my brother first born next to me, and my Dad were all at the table. Playing dominoes. Second brother starts throwing his toys away because "he has too much stuff to keep his room clean."

Me <----- appalled="" because="" didn="" growing="" have="" i="" mom="" much="" my="" p="" pretty="" t="" up="" with="">
He was grounded to his room until it was clean. Me, my younger brother and Dad were at the table. Second brother looking at us from his room. We waved. It was hilarious - at least on our part.

Anyhow, Lil'Gal actually loves her brother. Sure, she harasses the cr@p out of him. But that's what girls do apparently as kids when they love someone. (She harasses the cr@p out of me too, and her Dad, all in a loving way).

Back to the room. Lil'Gal had offered to help him clean his room. In her words, "I'm good at organizing." I told him if he was smart, he'd let her help him and then in trade... spend some quality time playing a board game or Wii with her. He agreed but then went with his Papa to get new tires for his Go Cart.

Lil'Gal cleaned....and organized his room. Including his million tractors.

When he got home I told him, "She cleaned your room. AND, organized your large tractors. (She also did his closet). You better be sweet and spend some quality time with her."

Him. Looking at room. "I'm. AMAZED. Yes, Ma'am." And siblings are loving instead of hating. It's the small things...

Love kids, love family, love life, love kids who get love and life....

Happy weekday!!!



Lisa said...

Awe what a nice sis. I love it when my kids help each other.

Glass Half Full Gal said...

Right? Don't know what happened with that formatting in the middle of this post. Got tired of trying to fix it. LOL!

But yes. When they appreciate each other, it is priceless.