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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I'M HERE! And I had the weirdest dream!!!

OMG, can you believe it? I'm embarrassed that I haven't been in my little online journal of things in life in SOOO long. A lot of that is due to FB, it's so easy to post little blurbs. But it isn't the same.

I've thought about blogging, daily. But when school was in session I just didn't have the time. Or when I had the time I found myself obsessing in a book or sleep when I could grab it. I remember when used to blog at 3:am, about being awake at 3:am, LOL!

Anyhow, I had the WEIRDEST DREAM (once I finally got some sleep; between 6:am and 7:am after Hubby left for the farm).

I don't even know if I can remember it well enough or all the details but I'm going to post it anyhow and y'all can tell me what you think it all means:

There was a group of us. MIL, FIL, the kids, and a cousin and his wife who don't exist in real life.

We were… somewhere.

Then a big storm came and it rained and started flooding and we had to evacuate the neighborhood (I don't know where we were, I think on a lake which makes sense since we will be at Lake Burton pretty soon).

So, we have two vehicles. FIL is with me and two other people (my kids I'm assuming). The swell comes and the water is deep across a low in the road. FIL tells me to put it in 4-W Drive (we are in my Big Mama who has already been backed into and had her bumper tore off and then I put her in a ditch after church IRL). I can hear Hubby in my head, "You CAN'T DRIVE THROUGH THAT, you'll ruin the engine!" Me, to FIL, "I CAN'T DRIVE THROUGH THAT! I'LL RUIN HER ENGINE. The water is too high."

Somehow we meet up with the others and everyone decides we need to go eat and wait for the water to go down. ??? MIL suggests Dairy Queen being time and cost efficient. The cousin's husband suggests some other place. We end up at a place I'd been curious about. An italian place, but they all decide to do family style appetizers. I wasn't thrilled and I knew FJ wouldn't eat a darned thing. BUT…

They made this bread? This french bread thing? At the table, sliced with butter in between the slices and then grilled and sprinkled with garlic and salt and I don't know but it was FABULOUS! I felt guilty about eating it because it was soooo unhealthy but it was so good I said to myself, Screw It! 

(Maybe I should practice something like this for the kids to enter into the Livestock show this coming year!)

Then there were these other things on skewers layered with meats and cheeses and warmed and sprinkled with mozzarella or something. YUM! I was impressed! I wanted red wine but for some reason I couldn't get a glass even though the others got some or a beer. Hmmm…

(Are you bored yet? The dream had me reeling but of course it is MY dream so.)

Then we get the bill. MIL says we will split it. $53.30 A PIECE!!! WTH? Seriously? And then the man at the register doesn't speak English so he's rattling off to me in Indian and I just hand him my tab and my credit card. Then he passes me a note that offers bottles of red wine on mark down because it's been discontinued. No Thank You. A little too late.

So we go back to get my SUV as the water has come down and FIL IS PUSHING IT BACK UP INTO THE WATER with the cousin guy! I'm like, WHAT are you doing?"

I finally get my SUV back and get through the water but now am lost in the neighborhood. So, I try to find a place to GPS my way home. But I end up in this dangerous looking place with lots of vehicle repairs and 'other stuff' going on. So, I leave and drive down the road to find a church parking lot (beautiful church, BTW) and enter my GPS to home.


I wake up. WTH???

Happy Hump-Day! I shall be back sooner than later; no more ignoring my favorite story telling place.


1 comment:

The Queen said...

Sorry, pretty sure that was the bad vat of wine we sold you.

Always ask us for the good stuff.. the bad stuff causes bad dreams..