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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Where I've been and where I'm going… And how I'm getting there.

Sorry I've been away, yet again, for so long. Although Facebook has been a wonderful 'in the moment' way to keep up with my friends, followers, family and bloggers I have come to find that I miss blogging. Because with FB my life, thoughts and stories are shared in bits and pieces.

So, I'm ending my hiatus and coming home. I think blogging is also good for my attitude.  I miss the interfacing I find here in my Optimistic world.

So, what's new you ask? Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

Both my kids are in middle school now. I'm really proud of how well they have adapted to juggling 8 classes and extra curricular activities. Unfortunately, I haven't been ableo substitute so far this year for reasons listed further down in the post. :-(

Lil'Gal is in band. She plays the flute and she's actually pretty good! [She has the lips for it ;-) ] She's also in theater arts which, as y'all know she has dramatics cornered, and she LOVES IT! And she's a Junior now in Girl Scouts - be looking for her cookie sales pitch come mid January. ;-)

Farmer, Jr. has been pulling in great grades! Both of my kids are! I'm really proud of Farmer, Jr. because he has been working really hard to do his best in school and he isn't allowing his dysgraphia to hinder him. The school counselor and teachers are really great and work with him and myself. We are so lucky to be in a district that takes learning disabilities so seriously.

As for extracurricular with Farmer, Jr., hunting and fishing are his life. And of course driving the tractor or anything on the farm.

Both kids are still active in 4-H and preparing for this upcoming livestock show.

Which brings me to…… BUNNIES!!!

Midnight as a Junior Buck

I FINALLY got my BUNNY BARN! It is air conditioned so the bunnies aren't stressed by the summer and often even winter heat. I'll have to try and get a picture after the kids sweep and clean up in there. I just love it though! Hubby did AWESOME!

We currently have four polish, fancy show bunnies, one breeder buck and the of course the pets. Pepper and Paprika. (Pics to come in another post) We pick up our Californian meat pens on December 6th! Pretty soon we will  bunnies EVERYWHERE! 17 cute little noses and 34 cute little ears are just too irresistible!


Those of you who follow me on Facebook know that I have had difficulty with my hip. It started in the spring when Hubby and I joined the gym. Well, actually I had a serious issue as a kid and off and on it would bother me here and there over the years. But never severe. 

Anyhow, it was time that both of us get back in shape. I was really kickin' it, or should I say spinning it, in spin class. I LUUUUUVED spin class! I also participated in the 'Muscles In Motion' class. I was finally feeling good about myself and dropping some of the excess weight that found its way around my waistline.

I started having severe issued with my hip. It rapidly went down hill to the point that driving was a painful issue, walking hurt, trying to sit down or trying to get back up. I literally found myself crawling to the restroom in the middle of the night. Which I refer to as the crawl of shame.

I  saw my chiropractor thinking it was caused by my sciatica. I met with personal trainer three times a week to work on my core and my range of motion. Finally I saw my regular practitioner who referred me to a joint specialist. After an x-ray it was determined that I have necrosis in my hip. Which means the bone is dying due to a poor blood supply and it is basically crumbling.


I have to say, I have a new understanding for people with chronic pain issues. I've always been empathic. But, being in this situation myself? Totally changed my perspective. Where I thought I was being supportive before I now realize no one has any idea of what chronic pain is until you experience it.

The specialist stated that I could try a steroid injection but that ultimately I am a candidate for and am going to need a hip replacement. I tried the injection. After about a week it kicked in and I was on top of the world! No more waking up in pain all night long. No more limping around. No more falling down. (I fell down a LOT. My body looked like Hubby had been beating me.) No more crawl of shame. I thought, "Hey! If I can get one of these every six months then I can put surgery off for a couple of years!) NO GO.

About two months later I started going down hill - fast. I was back to falling down, limping around, howling in pain when I tried to sit down, waking due to extreme chronic pain, and the crawl of shame.

The GOOD NEWS? I found a fantastic surgeon in Austin do to word of mouth from friends who have had similar issues. His surgical group is one of the best (if not THE best) in the nation! He's is state of the art in his field! I'll have my own SUITE in the hospital while I'm there. And, I've been told by former patients that the food is wonderful. Like a 5 star hotel!

So while I was somewhat depressed for months knowing that the inevitable was ahead of me, I'm now optimistic and excited to have this done. I'm schedule for surgery on December 7th! I should be healed in time for Christmas and the bonus is the kids will be on winter break so I don't have to worry about school, etc. The recovery is about three weeks with physical therapy.

So come mid December I will no longer be Glass Half Full Gal. I'll be BIONIC Glass Half Full Gal!

Happy Thursday and thanks for reading me!


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