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Monday, November 24, 2014

See? I told you I'd be back!


See, told ya' I'd be back. Today I've been pretty lazy. This morning I just felt like I had no juice flowing. Morning came too early me thinks. Part of it is frustration from constantly feeling like I'm not whole.

I haven't even showered yet (bad FW, bad bad). Lil'Gal has an appointment with her urology office so I'll be jumping in pretty soon. I HATE having to get the kids out of school early though. With all the state mandated testing I just hate for the kids to miss any instruction. While I understand the purpose of State Mandated testing I really think they are taking it too far. Kids are doing math one to two grades ahead of their actual grade level. Which makes me wonder, what is the point of even having a 'grade level'?

Anyhoo, enough about school. Thanksgiving is coming!!! Who's ready!?


Originally we were going to spend it with my brothers in Houston but things fell through. Poo. Not that I'll starve by any means. MIL makes a fantastic bounty of food. Well, we all pitch in a little here and there. This year I'm totally going to have to tighten my belt though. I've been doing pretty well about dropping some weight before my surgery date on the 10th of December. It takes a lot of restraint. And Thanksgiving will be a test of determination and will power. Especially, since I can't really do any type of cardio or exercise other than a few core routines.

I'm down an average of six - eight pounds and have another ten to go so that I won't be puffy faced and have this horrible ring around my waist. I have to say that I'm physically feeling better as I drop a pound here and there too. *pats self on back* A big part of this is having to give up my cheap koolaid. It's a sacrifice I'm willing (okay, begrudgingly) to make for the betterment of myself :-).

Okay. So, not much to put out here today. My wonderful blogging wit and humor that y'all have so fallen in love with are still a little rusty. But the important thing is - I'M HERE!

And it's only Monday… Make it a great week y'all!


1 comment:

Prohomemaker.Com said...

I tell ya, ever since I switched to wine I've been pounding on the pounds! I am not officially obese (BMI 27. It's supposed to be 25 or less -- and t hat's exactly how many I need to lose)