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Friday, June 5, 2015

Life, liberty, love and Belief

I know some of my followers aren't religious or have their own form of faith. And as a Preist once told me when asked 'How do you know?' He replied, "When your heart feels full and you feel your faith you are at home. If ever you don't feel comfortable then you need to go where your faith guides you. God is within you so long as you have spirit in your heart."

This is a rosary a nun gave me, well let me pick out. We had a special CCD lesson on the rosary. There are many, many types of rosaries. Each for particular prayers yet all also for the standard rosary prayers. Places all over the World have their own beautiful creations of the rosary.

This rosary I took with me and held it as I hugged my sweet companion. It gave me faith that I was doing the right thing for my dog and that I wasn't playing God but prayed that he would be with my Brandi Gal. As people we are allowed to make directives and decisions in wills and on paper so our loved ones don't have to make the decision for them...thus we just abide by their wishes and their own decision with God and their faith.

I've slept with this rosary since I had to let God have my big dog back. Some people might think it odd...others get it. Each morning I put it back on her beautiful physical resting place on our mantel. 

Here is the lesson if there is one in this blog post. Tonight, my Lil'Gal came to me and she opened her palm and said, "Here Mama, Brandi's rosary, so you can sleep tonight." I was so touched that she knows me so well and wanted to be sure I had peaceful rest. That she too loved Brandi so much and recognized the significance. Out of the mouth of babes, the Bible says.

"Now I lay me down to sleep, to the Lord my soul shall keep. If I should die before I wake, Lord I pray my soul shall take." You may not believe as I do. But everyone believes in something. So hold onto that.

Good night and good blessings, FW a/k/a Glass Half Full Gal


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