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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Looking UP

I promised to blog today. I woke with a new outlook, looking UP. Because we all know looking down is just a waist of time, energy and emotion.

So after spending most of my day with my Big Dog who can't walk and is happily spirited but in such pain I blew off the blog.

But I need to continue to look UP. Because, as I said, looking down is a, well, downer... So I'm counting blessings.  I have a husband who helped me create two beautiful children. I live in a castle. I HAVE  a Mom and Dad in-law who are the contest. My mom is physically in pain every single day, but she thinks I rock the world. I have my Daddy, whom I take after a lot and I own that proudly. I have three handsome, smart brothers.

Sh!t happens. I have a friend I've lost to mental issues, I have another very dear friend battling cancer, my Biggun', my Brandi girl is scheduled to be put out of her pain and misery Tuesday... If she makes it that long.

But looking UP, I've been so blessed with the important people in my life and my family and pets and how much they all seem to find me as this fantastic person and to continue to love me... Even when I stumble and curse and lose my happy demeanor.

So tired... Dismayed... I'm reminded that if you lose someone or something close to you that means you were blessed enough to have that as a part of your life. So when you feel like cursing the world or God and saying it isn't fair. You have to rember that if it weren't for God we wouldn't have the lucky, blessed opportunity to love and be loved so deeply that the loss hurts. Loss hurts...but it is recognition that we put ourselves and hearts out there. Love is strong, love is brave. And without love we would have nothing. So this is ME looking Up. Filling my glass. With the love I have for
everyone and the love so many give me... Happy Sunday! Look up.


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