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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

CWCG Nov.1st: "I'll do [you in] Vegas"

Well, yes. I was behind. I started this challenge earlier than last month but took to the last minute to complete. Although, I was quite pleased with the short story it took me through. [I don't outline these, I don't think about them - I just like to sit down and see what they type themselves up to be.]

But, then blogger forgot who I was - of course to be expected when running late against a well known deadline - so I spent forever trying to get back in.

Add into that, when I downloaded from pages via the iCloud the document opened into my OS TextEdit program because I haven't backed up my LT so that I can do the cool Boot Camp thing to get everything the way I want it and I didn't have time to go pull through Word and I thought it'd be a good learning experience to work in TextEdit while under a deadline. *insert raspberry*

Without further ado (and no pic because I just didn't get the whole weird carrot-ball, olive eyed salad looking display) and with no embellishments, here is my November 1st entry for the CWCG.

CWCG: October 2011

Credit card

Theme: Frivolty

Pic: Carrot Salad balls with green olives?


Being a comic is a tough line of work. Don't get me wrong, I love it and I'm good at it. I'm one of the small percentage of the working class that actually loves his job. However, I'm not always rolling in the dough. Often I find myself eating ramen for days at a time in an effort to practice anti-Frivolty, while paying off a maxed out credit card.

This particular night, I was hoping for a grand slam. This was one of the larger venues I've performed in and it was rumored there was a talent agent attending tonight looking for someone to fill a regular set in a Vegas club. A regular gig meant a regular paycheck.

Third seat to the right of the stage, second row. It was as if we were on our very own network and she had a personal hub to my jokes. She didn't just laugh because they were funny, she didn't just 'get' the jokes. She actually seemed to get me.

As I continued through my set I could hear her sultry laughter, the crowd becoming more distant. I found myself performing just for her, forgetting about the talent agent all together.

Once back stage, I was anxious. Who was she? If this was one of my regular gigs I'd head out to the bar for a drink and search the room. But this wasn't a bar gig and I couldn't risk a chance at a real career boost for what would most likely end in a sweaty one night stand.

These thoughts rolling through my mind were suddenly interrupted when two soft, silky hands simultaneously covered my eyes. At the same time I felt a warm, breath against my ear as the smell of whiskey plumed around my nostrils.

A provocatively, magnetic voice whispered in my ear, "All this chemistry is putting me in the mood to experiment." She laughed lightly. I recognized that laugh and my groin lurched.

"Experimenting sounds dangerous," I flirted back, knowing I had no time for this because I should be searching out that talent agent along with my shot at a regular gig. "Any other night -"

"If you want the job, it's yours," her voice growled abruptly in a somewhat business manner. My heart clenched, my breath caught and my groin lurched a second time.

I reached to remove her hands from my eyes when she tightened her grip, suddenly switching her voice to seduction in its finest form. At least the finest form I'd ever heard.

"If you want me along with it, pack your bag. You do Vegas, you do me in Vegas."

My mind was spinning, my flanks caught in her pincer. This was better than the moment I'd been waiting for. This was surreal, unreal, and I was ready to play.

"I'm definitely doing Vegas…" I grunted as I reached for her hands.

A haze blinded me, a sound too loud. "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" a loud voice-over announced. I rubbed my eyes. As I sat up on my couch I knocked over my stale beer into a cold bowl of ramen noodles.

The voice blared from the television once more, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." Recognizing the voice, my groin pressed erectly against the inner seam of my jeans with expectation, still drunk from the dream. While my heart went limp, left empty by its own subconscious tease.

Phew! In before the deadline. FYI, if you want to play along (and by reading my entry this month you can see how easy it is) here is how: Monthly Creative Challenge Game hosted at Someday, When I'm Famous. :-)

If you find any glaring typos, particularly due to transition of the cut and paste procedure, please alert me. I'm tied up with red ribbon week tomorrow and my mobile $$ making job so I won't be able to review this with fresh eyes in the mornin'.

Happy writing! Hope you enjoy it and decide to lurch along next month! Hee hee, that's just funny to me!



Knight said...

Whoo that was hot! I've certainly been in the position where I was on stage singing right to a handsome man and wondering just where that might go. I'm sure everyone has imagined that at some point as the audience member. Great story lady. Really captivating.

Melissa said...

Woo-hoo!! You really found your stride with this one. I think we know which genre you write best. AHEM!