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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

'Out Of My Mind'

I read this book with my Lil'Gal as part of her AR challenge. It was above her level but because it received the '2012 Blue Bonnet' award she was allowed to take an AR test on it if she read it with her parent. So, we checked it out from the school library, brought it home and dove in.

And, I'm so glad we did. This is a wonderful story and reading it with my Lil'Gal was a great shared experience. This is one of those books that I would recommend to everyone - young, old, boy, girl, regardless of one's particular genre. Following is my review that I posted on goodreads. [Click HERE to find out more about Sharon Draper's 'Out of My Mind']


This book offers a wonderful insight into the minds of the severely physically disabled. Melody, the main character, is an 11 year old girl with cerebral palsy. Although, extremely intelligent, she is often taken as a mentally challenged child based on her appearance and inability to speak. She shares with us life from the perspective of a kid dealing with her disability and how those around her treat her including some doctors, teachers, and students.

With the help of Ms. V and of course her parents who have always believed in her, Melody surprises everyone. Thanks to her communication board, and later her Medi-Talker, after 11 years Melody can share with everyone around her what she really thinks. And, just how smart she truly is.

I read this book with my 8 year-old daughter for her AR challenge. It was wonderful to share this experience and understanding with her that just because some people look different, it doesn't make them less of a person. We had recently visited the therapy department and she had seen a boy in a similar [physical] state as Melody. My daughter was able to apply the understanding she was learning from reading this story to his situation. She understood that just because he couldn't really speak, and that he kind of drooled, and that he looked different, he was still a person who could learn and understand - which he proved by laughing at another patient's joke he'd overheard.

I recommend this book for everyone. I truly loved this story and felt several tear jerking moments when Melody was sad, when she shined in her brightest moments and in her humor and personality.

Thank you, Sharon M. Draper, for bringing this story and your message in such a wonderful, humorous, and revealing way.


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