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Monday, November 28, 2011

INFATUATION (A Little Harmless Military Romance)

YEP! She did it again. Melissa Schroeder 'wow'ed me with another great story. This one I especially loved! The thought of a man-a well built, well defined man-in a uniform makes me tingly.

This is the first in her 'A Little Harmless Military' series, labeled a novella at 32,000 words. McKade, 'Kade', is a Seal. He's known Shannon forever as she is his best friend's sister. He's always had a crush on her but never moved on it out of respect for his best friend who is also a Seal.

Shannon has been crushing on Kade as long as she's known him too. With a little prodding from her sisters, she makes a move on Kade he can't refuse. *waggling eyebrows*

After a mission gone bad, Kade finally returns back to Louisiana and Shannon's bar. Thinking he's damaged goods and no good for Shannon he at first tries to refuse her but that doesn't last long. *waggling eyebrows again*

That's all I'm going to give away - I've already said too much. WARNING: This isn't you're mother's romance novel. This has some light erotic notes to it, though quite mild compared to some of the other novels I've read by Melissa. >;-)

I'm telling ya', if you want to warm up your tosies (among other things) this winter - this is the book that will do it!

Thank you to Melissa Schroeder and her PA, Brandy Walker for the opportunity to read this hot story!


1 comment:

Brandy W said...

There's a lot of waggling eyebrows going on. lol Loved your review and take on the book.