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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Seems like most my posts lately have began, been totally about, full circled or ended in music. So is the flow of my brain.

Today I've up'd, readied, fed kids hot breakfast, delivered them to school, finished the large grocery shopping list, put away said groceries, made a trip into 'the city' to pick up Mom's prescription (this type of med can not be called in, faxed, emailed or otherwise transmitted electronically),. Back to the house, finish with a few things make several appointments for the week/next week (on the phone, y'all know I hate actually 'talking' on the phone. Thank goodness most appointments confirm via text message these days, LOL!)

I mixed up a quick salad with a homemade salad dressing that included a healthy serving of horseradish - SHLURP! - and, now I'm out the door to deliver Mom's prescription to her pharmacy about 45 miles away then to return asap another 75 miles to get back to the kids school in time to do some volunteer stuff for Lil'Gal's teacher and then pick up the youngin's for early release Wednesday. Needless to say I'll have put over 200 miles on my SUV when all is said and done today.

Dinner is pretty much set to thrown in the dutch oven for 45 minutes this afternoon for something delicious the family will rave about as if I slaved. [Don'tcha love those kind of meals?]

Anyhow, THIS song has been in my head ALL. DAY. LONG. So, as with all things of this nature I've downloaded to iTunes and will play it in the Chariot over and over and over and over until my brain has had enough that it will either reset or at least remedy itself with a new tune.

So, with that I'll leave you pumping it up :-)

Oh Hot D@MN! THIS is MY JAM!

Oh yeah - happy Hump-Day!!!


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