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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Here I Am Baby (I [almost]B40)

Spring has sprung in South Texas. And, with exception to yesterday's vicious-mad-tornadic-hail rainstorms which pounded several surrounding areas, left some nice rain in others and our place with a mere 1/2 inch [Hubby might be complaining but I'm not; 1/2 inch vs. tornadoes and hail is a fair swap], I am happily enjoying the sunshine and heat!

Today was a great day and not too warm; perfection by Hubby's standards and the wind was way loooow. But, I'll take the sunshine with triple indices heat and all.

It is when I blossom and bloom and my spirit rises to the sky, the clouds and I feel all warm and shiny inside. I break free of winter's binding and spread my colorful wings [and wear lots of shorts, tanks and capris!]

After my appointment and seeing my [GYN] doctor for the annual [prodding], she looked fabulous! She's been eating right and exercising and all those things I've forgotten to do lately or postponed on the check list over the house, laundry, music, school, studies, subbing, girl scouts, dance, entertaining friends, weddings, birthday parties - blah, blah and so much more.

THIS song was on the radio on the way home from that appointment this morning and the sun was glazing through my windshield, every so glamorously and I thought - TOTALLY!

And, I found it two fold because after seeing how awesome my doc is looking I made a vow that I can be that too! Even at 40. I can lose that stupid ring around the waistline that has been plague-ing me (and growing by leaps ever so happily since 2012 has arrived) and I can feel better about myself. Why give at 40?


See how I did that whole bring it back around to a great jazzy song to get your going? I'm all cool like that! Especially, when I'm blossoming! ;-)

Happy Hump-day. I'm TOTALLY putting some 'dignity in it'!


1 comment:

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

It's spring! Time to whip the old body into shape... and by old, I mean me... ;)