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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Somethin' 'bout a truck

I remember when I first met my husband and me and the girls would see him when we went out dancin'. Then, I kind of regrouped (you know, an after New Year's kind of thing) and I hadn't been going out as much. My friend kept telling me that Hubby had been asking about me and wanted to know if he could have my number.

Now, I didn't give my number out like that but since I'd met him through another dance partner, who happened to also be a farmer, I told her "OK, but make sure he knows I don't usually give my number out like this." "She replied, "OK. Oh, BTW? Have you seen his truck?"

So, this song strikes a note with me not to mention the rhythm and the lyrics are awesome!

FYI, when I finally did see his truck on our first date it was a crew cab, 4WD, long bed Ford Pick up truck - Aggie maroon. SWOON! His friends from college had nick named it the freight train. :-D

Anyhow, I must say. There is something about a truck. So, I leave you with my newest, favorite [country] song. For those who aren't crazy about country this is an instrumental type song. I watched a YouTube video where he and two friends played their guitars and picked the notes of the song while one strummed the rhythm. Really cool!

Now get out there and enjoy this beautiful weather! We are having another day full of warmth, spring, and sunshine! I'm going to get outside and clean my windows!!

Happy Sunday!


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