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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Promises: A Review and a song :-)

I'm finally writing my review on book two in the Timeless Series. I was so thankful (and nagging for months) for Lisa Wiedmeier to send me an ARC to read and then I failed to meet my deadline for the review. Luckily, she knows how busy life can get, especially at the end of the school year with kids and all. Thank you Lisa, and as before I'll be honest in my review. :-)

I'm also reading two other ARCs, well one beta YA and one (erotic) romance ARC.

*waggling eyebrows*

Anyhow, I finally got my review up on Goodreads and I wanted to share it here too.

So, on to the review...

I loved the first book (obviously) but I did have a few issues with Cheyenne, the MC, and her kind of whishy-washy attitude. It was more that she was a too back and forth to be believable. But then again, I forget she's just a kid who lost both parents in an accident (only to find out they were not even her real parents).Then she is hauled off by three brothers, only one whom she actually knows and thrown into a whole new realm.

Lisa totally had Cheyenne grow up in book two. And her emotions are more believable and feel more natural. Cheyenne is torn between so much that has been thrown at her over the last twelve months that it only makes sense at her age that she would be all mixed up emotionally. She really expresses herself more clearly in book two.

And, there is so much more action and new characters to get to know and try and figure out what their role is in this story and Cheyenne's journey. I have to say that I am with Cheyenne when she wonders why she can't just ditch the whole betrothed thing and 'she's the hope of the world' and run away with Colt (my FAV of the boys). But, alas, it is a story we will have to read on into book three to find out the reasoning.

Maes, I loved. Even though throughout the story one had to wonder if he was a good guy or bad guy or half-and-half. (I'm kind of a fan of hunky shape shifters). Both YA and the adult variety. >;-)

There were a few scenes where I think there was too much dialogue giving away what the reader had already concluded. Like telling the reader what was already understood. But, I have to admit that authors have their own style. And, I think this is just Lisa's style.

*Spoiler alert* The ending about killed me. Tears. I was like "Noooooo!!!" But, I have fingers crossed and faith in Lisa and in Cheyenne's powers that things are not as they seem. Unfortunately, like the rest of us I'll have to wait until Lisa's fingers have clicked out book three across the keys of her computer.

Until then, I'll wonder about Cheyenne, the O'Shea's and the rest of the clans... [Oh, and she can bet her inbox I'll be asking for an early copy] :-D

And, with this = is that song I promised. Hey, if it is in my head then I feel the need to share :-)


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