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Friday, June 1, 2012

Frio Efficient!

Well, I'm blogging via the blogger app which I'm not crazy about but hey? It blogs, right?

Anyhow, I have to say that this was our most efficient Frio trip ever. In fact, we'd be on the road home already had I laundered that last load last night instead of at 8:am this morning. (Making mental note.)

I cut our food expense in 1/2 I can tell you. And we still ate great! (Hubby rocked those Ribeyes the other night!)

And we brought stuff from the garden. We have little left overs, just what we need for snacks and sandwiches for our Georgia trip AND I managed to already have cleaned out the fridge at home by bringing all that stuff with us.

I didn't take nearly as many pictures this year, I drank responsibly (for the most part) and I met some great people!

We missed our Frio buddies who usually make the trip up with us. It was hard when we finally broke it to the kids that they couldn't come. (It was harder on me than I expected too.)

But we still had a wonderful trip!

I met the adorable 11-year-old who was an old soul and actually local to where we are from. He and I and Hubby had a four hour conversation, in between rope swinging and all. And along with his brother and best buddy.

They had to leave early though because his grandma broke her foot. Iwas amazed at the responsible manner those boys had instilled in them.

We met some other almost locals too. I hung out with the cool kids (50+ year old teachers) and they were hilarious and fun!

We also did a float with some other friends from home that we ran into. I conned their son (he's built like a football player) into trading my kayak for his tube and then we all had him drag us along :-D

Great food, great fun, great swimming, great people, great fishing = Fabulous trip!

And now, as soon as that laundry load dries, we'll head back home and start all over again for Alabama/Georgia were we will visit with some great family!

Getting the last fishing in he possible can:


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