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Friday, June 28, 2013


You know you have a big dog when people say, "WHOOOOOAAAHHH" when she walks up. Or when you walk out of the vet's office with extra heart worm meds and an empty pocket book. Or when you have to buy a ramp to get her in the SUV.

My biggest baby is also the biggest member of the family. Well, almost. Hubby is a big, strong guy. And, in better shape. She's holding up a hefty weight next to him though = at a full figured 162. Which means, DIET time (again).

Many of y'all have seen several OK. TONS. Do I really post that many pictures of my pets? LOL pictures on Facebook, and of course, here at my blog of my pets. And, my wee bit of favoritism for my Biggun'.

There she is:

That's her smile when she injured her hip. She was heavy back then too. She threw it out either chasing a tractor or chasing a tractor and falling in a hole her co-partner dug in the dog run. AND. Had to go on a diet. Try getting a 160 plus pup up on a bum hip. That was a rough two weeks.

Here she is with Lil'Gal. Playing iPod.

So I knew she was overweight again and I knew the foreboding scale was in our near future. It was set in stone when I ran into a lady and her daughter at Petco the other day and she had a gorgeous English Mastiff. Here's how the conversation went, in general.

Me and the kids, "Look, a Mastiff!"

The Mastiff, "Look! Kids! Who want to pet me!"

He was super sweet. Their size can be very intimidating (which comes in handy time to time) but their smile will melt you. [And, their paws will crush toes. I know from experience.]

Me, "How old is he?" *I think he was about a year*

Me, "He's so handsome! They are the best dogs...gentle giants."

The owner, "Oh, yes. I really wanted one. My daughter found him on Craig's list."

The kids, "His HEAD looks waaaay BIGGER THAN BRANDI's."

And, that's when it hit me. Um no. he just hasn't grown into his body. YET.

Me, "What's he weigh?"

Owner, "About 125."

Me *GULP* I knew then and there, if HE was 125.... SHE is not 150.

Owner, "We are actually trying to put some weight on him. What DO YOU feed your Mastiff?"

Me, "Um. She's on weight management..."

Ramp practice to get her in the vehicle
So, after the vet appointment with both dogs it was decided and prescribed to put her back on a diet. Truth is, she only eats four cups a food a day. Well, that's what she is served. She could sneak back over to Dulce's bowl for a snack-a-roo if Dulce doesn't eat all of her food. Although, I don't see that being the issue because little Dulce has put on a few pounds too. Weighing in at a whopping 59 pounds. Far cry from Biggun'. :-P

According to the vet, 'That's not working.' So cut her back more and add in exercise. Which is hard during the South Texas heat with triple heat indices well into October. To which the vet also agreed that it is too darned hot for her. So, either walk her before sunrise or after dark. She'll be spending half the day in the utility room (where she currently is).

He also mentioned, with her being seven years old or so...that Mastiff's tend to live to be only about nine years old or so.

Me, "WHAT????"

My baby. Getting to be an old lady. We've both let ourselves go a little.

Oh, the thing about a big dog? They are protective, loving, loyal. Pretty much the same as a little dog, just a whole lot more to love. ;-)


1 comment:

Dez said...

:( I know our furry friends tend to leave us before we are ready for them to. So, be sure to take Lots of pictures of the TWO OF YOU for sweet memories.