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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Holiday blogging

So, since my surgery I haven't signed in to keep up with my blogging. Primarily because I spend most of my time propped on the couch when I'm not working my hip and leg. Which means I'm pretty much online via the iPad and/or the iPhone.

I'm not crazy about the blogger app. Maybe I should try blogging online again using the pad. It might be new and improved and I DO have my wireless keyboard. The blogging app doesn't let me decide where I want to place pictures, etc.

This weekend I shall hop up on the barstool and do a proper blog via the LT. And fill everyone in on the nine day progress report from my Surgeon and finally a bunny update.

I know. It's been brought to my attention that things are quiet and boring in bunny world this year.

Actually, it has been a bit distressing. We were supposed to get two five pens of Californians. But we only got two four pens. So that already left us short spares for each pen. Then Lil'Gal's came down Ill and died one, by one, by one until we lost an entire pen. Knowing Lil'Gal, she had a production for each of the losses. And she was upset that they were all 'her's'. Even though I continually try to express to her that they are all 'our' rabbits. Luckily, our rabbit chair and dear friend has three New Zealands that we will be able to raise. 

So fingers crossed, both kids will be able to make the blue ribbon sale.

IF I can EVER get out to the bunny barn I will start posting bunny pics. (As I am sure everyone, including myself, is tired of hip stories.)

So there is my Thursday evening post. Not looking forward to the eight hour round trip drive tomorrow. This holiday break just hasn't been going how I had it planned in my head. But the tree is decorated, our trees and moving reindeer look bright I the yard at night, and Buddy the Elf has gotten over his bug and is back in the game.

Here are MY babies with THIER polish babies after having just cleaned out the bunny barn. Our bunny barn is awesome! Now if I can just hobble myself out there!

Anyhow, happy Thursday. I promise a more entertaining post next time. Meanwhile,

Happy holidays!


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