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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Take it day by day, and hope to sleep during the nights in between.


I know. Two month late again when I had decided to begin blogging regularly again. My friend and wonderful author went back to blogging again and although I keep up with her day to day on Facebook I still love her blog entries.

Then I think of all the things I want to blog/diary about and then I don't do it. Currently my excuse is that my 7 year old MAC is in the electronic hospital. He's doing well and out of ICU but he has to stay a few days longer to be sure his hard drive (heart) surgery holds.

I know I'm silly about things. Some people giggle that I've named things. But my things are important to me. As a child I had few really nice things. So the care and protection I provided as a child has carried over into my adulthood.

It is heart warming when I see me children, already 11 1/2 and recently 13 still taking time to snuggle each of their stuffed animals in to bed with them (Lil'Gal has suc a collection that she actually wrote a weekly schedule of who gets what night to snuggle with her) *CUTE* right?

Blogging from the iPad since MAC is in physical therapy is hard. But blogger, as I have finally discovered, has improved the app. ie: I can put pictures where I want to. 

Remember when Big Mama went in the ditch with me and the kids after church but kept us safe? Even with the ten foot drop? Poor Big Mama. She has kept us safe through so many incidents. Monday picking the kids up from school and heading home I was side swiped on the right while making a left hand turn from the left hand turn lane and INTO the left lane of my right away. Unlike other people who cross over into the second lane.

Big Mama got her side swiped and power mirror torn off. I carefully pulled into a parking lot to see if the culprit would follow for insurance info. She did. We exchanged insurance info although I had to teach her how to use her phone to take a copy of my insurance. She said, "I think you hit me?" I replied, "Um, I don't think so. I was in my lane, green turning arrow and turned into my lane... So I couldn't have hit you. I think you turned from the wrong lane or glided into me. We will just let insurance work it out. She was shaking. I was fine because I knew it wasn't my fault." Anyhow. Never a call from her insurance so I guess her family and agent told her she was lucky I wasn't suing or filing against her.

My Big Mama, my favorite vehicle I have ever had with the most sentimental value has been through so much! (I own the ditch incident although I just don't understand to this day, that a turn home from Sunday morning church I've made a hundred thousand times, ended me up in that ditch.)

Are you bored of reading me yet? Maybe I should save the Livestock show update and stress of a rabbit dying very other day for my next post. We didn't make the top ten or top anything but WE DID make the blue ribbon sale and that is the most important part of the auction. Farmer, Jr. Placed first with his salty peanut butter bars so I'll have to share that recipe. And Lil'Gal placed 4th in her division in AG mechanics so she got a pink rosette ribbon and several cool prizes!

Over all, things are well. Next post I'll share the interesting facts about a full put hip replacement at the early age of 42. Some people are completely astounded and thrilled at my rapid recovery; others are jealous of my age and agility. Either way, 2015 with a few exceptions is treating me better than 2014. 2014 was kinda, dare I say it, $h!TTY to me.

But I'm always the optimist! I've refund my looking up and not down. And yes, even if coffee on a cold morning like today, my Glass is Half Full (okay, I had two cups of coffee waiting on Big Mama's oil and tire treatment). But tonight I'll be more than half full - and I don't mean coffee! 

Happy Hump-Day! FW/GHFG!


1 comment:

Melissa Luznicky Garrett said...

Two things -

I can't believe your MAC is 7 years old! I feel like I'm replacing a laptop every few years.

Also, I definitely want the recipe for salty PB bars. They sound delicious. :-)