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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Krezent and his adventure to the Vet; and, the MICRO-chip

I learned several years ago not to take BOTH dogs to the vet at the same appointment anymore because A) Brandi was HUGE at 150-160 and B) Dulce would try to pull out of her leash and dart toward the busy four lane road. She fears the vet.

So now I schedule my dogs appointments back to back (I mean a day or two apart). Brandi never minded the vet. I just had to make sure someone didn't have a little dog roaming in the waiting room because the only fault with my Biggun' was that for some reason she thought little dogs were toys or treats. Over 45 pounds? She was like, "Howdy, I'm going to lie down here." But little lap dogs she was like, "Um is that bacon? On sticks?" As those of you who follow me know we lost her a few months back. Old age and she was crippled, paralyzed in her hind in. I was crushed when I lost her. Thus entered Krezent.

My 'Biggun' Brandi; She was a big Aggie Fan :-D

Krezent's trip to the vet today! (Just wait for the funny. You have to picture a very large, very hyper dog in a small room with various procedures for his annual check up and all.)

We catch him sitting on the chairs like he is human :-P
In this pic he was on a rein only because we were still introducing him to Dulce
and free range on the farm.

Now when Dulce goes to the vet she gets all shaky and nervous as I mentioned. Farmer, Jr. likes to go with me because she gets so nervous she farts. And he thinks it is HEE-LAUGHABLE-LARIOUS.

My 'Cafe Dulce' a/k/a my Crazy Loca :-)

Krezent however, was like, "WHOAH! Cool! Let's go, let's go!!!! Come on Mom, keep up!" Dragging me to the door! Letting him roam wherever he wants on the farm I forgot I should have brought his harness. We get inside and he immediately finds a pup about 45 pounds and runs up with his scary size and muzzle to sniff and accidentally scared the crap out of the dog AND it's owner. He was just being friendly but he's intimidating. Needless to say, they were immediately placed in a patient room.

He was SO excited as I checked him in! "Oooooohhhh, I SMELL DOOOOOG BISCUITS!" And he about tops the counter with his height to indulge. He's hopping and sniffing and jumping and introducing himself to the staff like crazy!

In the room he smells everything as all dogs do and he's like, "I even smell Dulce! She was here two days ago!" (We got the same room.)

Then they weigh him, 98.6 pounds. Up 13 pounds from his July visit. But no fat on this guy! If you saw him run and play - well let's just say if as a dog he were a body builder, he'd take the show.

The vet comes in with the shots. He's all over her and the tech. He's BIG and he is SUPER-EXCITED! "What? A shot? Okay... Another one? Cool. Oh, listen to my lungs and check my ears? YUM MOM HAS DOG BISCUITS. "Drink this stuff? Okay, ew but okay." Let me kiss y'all! All of y'all. I just LOOOOOVE..."

And then the microchip was being inserted and my big baby suddenly went ghetto on me. "WHAT THE TRUCK IS THAT BIOTCH TRYING TO DO TO ME WOMAN??? This AIN'T COOL! I DIDN'T SIGN UP FOR THIS $H!T, THIS HURTS LIKE... Hey, look I HAVE TEETH. See? I don't WANT to use them but GOD gave them to me for a REASON! This Chip thing AIN'T COOL." "No MOM! SCREW THE DOG BISCUIT. Let's get out of here!"

The vet and tech were fine with his apparently normal behavior during this procedure. However, Krezent and I were a little stunned. Apparently to insert it it takes a much larger 'needle/inserter' thing. They go get a muzzle, you know just in case, and bring in another microchip with a wee smaller inserter.

Trying to get him to hold still took the three of us and the vet had a weight advantage over him but still. So, I said, "Let me sit on him." She replied, "Yeah, getting him to sit would be good." I know my dog, he would not give up his advantage. "I replied, NO, I mean I am going to SIT ON HIM."

Chip in and muzzle off (that FREAKED HIM OUT WEARING IT FOR 45 SECONDS) he was like, "Is it over? Oh. Whew. Hey, I'm kinda sorry about that. I was trippin'. No hard feelings, right? Really sorry about the teeth thing. Defense mechanism, you know."

"We're all good, hey let me jump up and kiss you Ms. Vet to show you we are okay? I love you! Can I have that other dog biscuit now?"

It doesn't sound as crazy writing it down as it does when I tell the story. But he's home and bouncy and happy and loved the adventure; OTHER than the micro-chip.

Love your pets and Happy Thursday!


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