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Sunday, July 10, 2016

FINALLY! I got my blog back!!!

A BIG HOWDY from Farmer'*s Wife who hasn't blogged in... well, ages obviously! I'm guessing close to a year since my last blog when we had recently lost my Biggun' and adopted Krezent, now known as THE BEAST and BUBBA.

I've really missed blogging but since I attached my blogger account (set up under my ymail email) to my Gmail account it has been so difficult because I can't blog from either = rather have to sign out, sign back in under another account, then after blogging sign back out and into the other account. And sometimes it just won't let me! WTH??

Then if I find I need to comment or moderate I have to... Well, you get the idea. It might sound contrite in the big scheme of things but considering a lot of time when I was a heavy blogger I could start a blog, stop for kids home work, blog, work on stirring dinner, continue blogging, then disrupted by the Hubby coming home or the laundry going off or... well, life.

For shame, right? My happy, blessed life interfering with my blogging? Hence, I've been away. But, once again, I miss the more open and detailed conversation of the blog. Most of my blogger friends have gone by the way side sucked into Facebook and Twitter with mostly short winded summarized statements (myself included). Although FB has brought in lots of upgraded options. But I miss the mix of being wordy and all the people who 'got me' and loved 'reading me' and about the ins and outs of life we all share.

Some of the best friends (outside my posse) were made through blogging. I found so many diversified friendships and networking regardless of parenting, parents, pets, writing, reading, recipes and personal deviances that we all have (if you think you are without a personal deviance then you probably have a big one, :-P ). I miss the outsourcing connection and I have to admit, when I'd check my hits on a particular post (like children's parties, recipes, pets, OCD and what I found to be a personal witty post) it did warm my heart that my little blog was causing a butterfly wave across the world...

So, with that. I am once again pleading my new found (again) dedication to my blog. I've had a lot of personal loss over the past year and a half or so but I have had a lot of new too. And being the optimist I am, or feel I was, I am re-finding my way into appreciating all that I have and finding the goodness and the silver lining. I mean, like I've always said. If you continue to look up your glass always looks at least half full. Looking down is an unacceptable perception. It deviates from reality. So look up. And look ME up. Here. Because I am back!

Happy Sunday; make it a fun day!


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