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Thursday, July 8, 2010

I luuuuv my demons... >;-D

Yeah, I luv my demons.

I love them like I luv Edward.

Here is a clipped pic from the scene where Edward shows up at Bella's to "Try one thing" meaning he wants to try and kiss her and see if he can control his urge for.... blood, you dirty minded peeps.

Remember, he IS in love with her (and, Alice saw her coming) but he is hungrily attracted to her [blood] scent....  so, it is love in suffering in some ways?  I guess?

Anyhow, this scene from Twilight is one of my few limited favorites.... *sigh*  *swoon*  To be young again....  

BUT.  This post isn't about Edward, or Jacob, or Bella, Emmett [hawtie], Rosalie, Alice, Carlisle, Esme, Jasper, Jacob [smokin' hawtie], or the whole Twilight Saga....

It's about THIS!  Larissa Ione does a swell job of entwining action, sci-fi, romance, paranormal characters and a little...eeeee, widdy bit of awesome erotica?  I think it is called? sexuality to the characters and story line.

I know.  They 'guy' in this cover has a tatoo it looks like.  I don't really care too much for large, overbearing-look-at-me tats.  But, in this book, this is not a TAT.  It's a dermoire.  (Kind of like a birthmark.)  When the person/species uses his power the 'dermoire' almost glows and appears to be moving along the design.  Cool, huh!?

Anyhow, I've gone from Twilight [Thanks, Lis = she created my addiction to the paranormal reads!], to Sookie Stackhouse [and HBOs Rated R True Blood version, chooka-chooka, bown-bown!], to some trashy romance paranormal stuff to -- well, yep, SMUT.

I LUV my new smut!  It has action, and adventure, and paranormal characters of all kinds and these four brothers who are bound by their breed/crossbreeds, their inherited powers (each with their own) and their seductive....ahem, ways we shall say...

I'm not sayin' it is porn or Rated X or anything, but it is definitely PG 25, married with children.

He, he, he......  [Evil mischievous grin] >;-D



The PWT said...

Loved the Twilight Series... though the movies make me want to gag because of the TWEEN-ATICS that squeeeee over Edward! From the comfort of my home, I secretly love the movies... I just don't SQUEE :D

Haven't read the Sookie Series, but love True Blood on HBO.

This book looks diabolically great!

And if you're up for a PG-14-ish version that is pretty good... The House of Night Series currently has 7 books. Here's the Amazon link to the first book "Marked".

CarolynM said...

These book covers totally remind me of the Gena Showalter Series "Lords of the Underworld" - very hot!!!
I'm a paranormal addict when I get the chance.
I'm holding off on my summer reading to get through this TV crit class but I've got Christine Feehan's Dark Curse and Dark Slayer on my reading list (old series but new books) yum.