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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Welcome to the Farm...


Yeppers, I'm back from the big'ol State of Arkansas.  The state that doesn't believe in getting anywhere fast.  I know.  I actually got pulled over for 'not speeding' in a super slow zone....  Imagine if you will, lots of loooooong roads, outlined by woods and tall, tall trees.  And, you have to almost press your foot to the brake to keep from exceeding the speed limit.

Geeze and Whiz!  Luckily, the officer was kind and appreciated my southern drawal and gave me a verbal warning to slow down.  Slow down???  Can ya' get any slower than 35 - 45 on a 60 mile strip of asphalt?  I thinketh not.  But, I shook hands and definitely thanked the kind officer.

Anyhow, I've tons to blog but may or may not get to puttin' it all out here.  I should though, because this is kind of my digital diary of my life.  Mostly, anyhow.

So, welcome to the Farm.  This is what was happening yesterday.  Who knows what is happening today?  Hmmmmm?  Guess who's speeeeecial?  ;-)

I thought I'd share a little appropriate music to go along. Luke Bryan is a Newbie and he's got Country and Farming and Southern down... ;-) [And, he's pretty cute, too!]



Anonymous said...


Baseball Mom said...


Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

THanks Y'all! It's raining so hubby isn't in the field today. I'm going to 'actually' celebrate tomorrow! ;-)

Even better, I'm taking the whole weekend!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday my dear friend! miss you..

I wanted to say this, but didn't want to leave my link.. cause ..well.. it's not the proper thing to do on such a prim and proper blog.

I love your blog...I read you all the time.. but... I'm a closet reader.. my friends would be horrified if they knew I stopped over here for a fix..

love ya..

The Queen..