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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dear Movie Maker People....

Dear Movie Maker People and Movie Script Writers,

I have taken issue with you and I feel that I am not alone.  If you are truly a movie maker who follows strictly to the story being told, then no need to read further.  Go about your task with integrity and dedication.

As for the rest of you, who shmoozz a movie from a well written book?  I have a few words.  First and last, STICK. TO. THE. STORY.  Though I dislike it when a character's car is a different color or their hair is totally opposite of what the author who originally thought up/imagined/conjured, I understand that there are budgets, promos, and acting skills that need to be had.

But, when you change the entire ending to a story?  And muddle with the middle?  Um. No.  There are people out there who do not read the books before the viewing the movie and I must say, you are doing them a great disservice by changing the boundaries of the story line.

For example:  In Dear John y'all changed the entire ending of the movie!!!  GRRRR.  Though, heart wrenching and tear inducing and frustrating the original [book/author written] ending was?  It was the ending.  And, it was gut wrenchingly nice to read a book that, like life, doesn't always end up the way we want it to.  [Even though, I DO prefer my happy ending....if that ain't the way the story goes, then that ain't the way the story goes.]

Oh, and BTW, Savannah was definitely a brunette in the book.  So why go with a total blondie?

And, in Twilight (the original of the Twilight Saga), Edward drove a black car NOT a silver one.  Though, y'all managed to get it corrected in New Moon.  But once again, in New Moon you left out too many of the IMPORTANT details that made the whole story flow better and make so much more sense. You took the STORY out of the story, in part....  Sometimes those tiny details that you think are so easily unnecessary, are the ones that best build the story in the mind of the reader/movie viewer.

Oh.  And, I just learned from a friend that apparently The Time Traveler's Wife was meddled with similarly to the way y'all wrecked the ending of Dear John.  So now I have to be sure to read the book before being ruined by your half-@$$ movie version....  When making a movie from a book?  Make the whole movie; not just the 'Cliff-Notes' version.  If we are paying fair money, we want the whole enchilada, as they say.  Not dry without sauce, salad, and sides....  For crying out loud, at least remember the cheese if you forgo the chips and salsa.  Just sayin'....

That being said (and hopefully, heard), you may now return to your regularly scheduled movie making duties....   Please try harder to adhere to the truth/plot/characters of the story....

This has been a public complaint by Farmer*s Wife.  And, I endorse this blog post. ;-D



zoom2900 said...

same thing happened to "My sister's keeper"... totally changed the ending... the book was better!

tt said...

I completely agree!! Although it's been ages since I've been to a movie...I'm usually upset about the changes I see in the's just dumb!!