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Monday, January 24, 2011

Lil'Gal the videographer

So, Lil'Gal has this habit of stealing my little flip cam and making up lots of videos of her own.  *sigh*  She's about worn the darn thing out.  It locks up on me half the time now.  For her birthday, she will definitely be getting a little, cheap video camera of her own.  Some friends got their daughter one for $19.00 and it's a pretty fancy little camera.

I'll probably have to get me one too soon since mine is a couple of years old and warn out.  Anyhow, here's a couple pieces of her work.

Ahem, her closet was NOT that clean.  Notice the skort stuck in between the shelf and the rod?  Notice the cr@p on the floor?  She 're-aranges' her closet and room often - causing me frustration and grief.  But, at least she means well, LOL!

I found it hilarious that she got her hair caught while trying to back her head out of the bunny pen.  Seein' as she didn't have permission to use my flip-cam.  She has 24 inches of hair, easy, so this was probably quite the funny feat.  Too bad I wasn't a fly on the wall or a bunny in the pen to watch her finagle her way loose! ;-P

You should see some of the other stuff she comes up with... I'll have to start giving her more rein with her creativity. ;-)


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