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Monday, January 31, 2011

I Ran

I ran.  I ran so far but I could not get away.  Away from the chores, the mess, the study issues, the parties coming up, my writing assignment, all the stuff I want to do; sheets and towels, dishes, math, spelling, therapy appointments and exercises and interrupted nights of sleep.

So, I ran....

But, I have to say I love my job.  And, YES, being a full-time stay at home Mom is a job.  I do a few little things on the side here and there to bring in some side nickels and cents.  The majority of my day is cleaning, tending, mending, preparing, feeding, scheduling.

It is sometimes the conclusion that stay-at-home moms have so much extra time on their hands.  Not so.

Other than allowing myself an hour a day on the treadmill for exercise which I combine with my reading time, I don't get to do much of what 'I want'.  I haven't scrap booked in ages, or worked on my WIP or entered a writing contest in...a long time.  [There are two contests I want to enter but I have to complete my Writing Assignment first.  Though this week is already dedicated to bringing up my son's multiplication skills and math grade, the popcorn party at the end of the week, and craft development for the Valentines school party.]

Again, I love my job.  But, I have to say it is very, VERY rare that I get an actual day off.  There is no vacation time, sick days, leave days or PTO.  But that just comes with the job.

I woke up this morning somewhat dragging for a Monday.  Typically, I jump at Monday's.  I lay on the couch for an hour before I actually needed to wake up; longing for sleep but anticipating the day.

Though, at the end of the day my duties will have been done; (well, we all know that nothing is every completely done).  And, then I'll grab my book and my booklight and I'll read myself to sleep with this song in my head.

And, I'll remember that I'm not perfect.  But, at least I did my best.  Leaving 'behind some reason to be missed'.  And, I'll 'leave out all the rest'.




Stephanie said...

I hear ya!!!! The housework is never ending!! And pile on everything else. I'm desperately trying t finish editing my MS plus promote my other work!! It kills me when people see that I stay home and think I have all this spare time.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I just wrote a post about finding a place to hide for a while. ;)
Now I've got those songs running through my head...