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Friday, January 7, 2011

My Book of Words

My Book of Words.

My little hobby.  My own little collection.  I published this at Triond but wanted to put an excerpt here to share as well.  Though, the full piece is at Triond which I've linked to at the end of the excerpt. I hope that you will follow me there for the full piece. ;-)  Thanks!


I have a book of words.  True, I do have a dictionary and a thesaurus.  But, I have another book of words.  A detailed book of words.  Words that I like.  Words that I forget to use.  Words that are important or striking to me.

.....Sometimes I can be having a conversation with someone and that person will use a word that strikes me.  I often find myself making a mental note or sometimes even secretly typing the word into my phone or scribbling it on a scrap of paper found in my pocket....... Continued Here




Melissa said...

I clicked through and read via Facebook! One of the things I've enjoyed about The Outlander series is the author's use of really out there, new-to-me words. Awesome!

Cinette said...

What a cool idea! I usually play with the words on my tognue for awhile, but I never thought of putting into a book.