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Thursday, January 6, 2011

What I should Be Doing....

What I should be doing vs. what I'm floundering my time with.

I should be working on Farmer, Jr.'s Shop Project Notebook formatting the pics with the process he and his Dad have been working on as they build the project together.

I should be walking on the treadmill to finish the book I'm reading while the children are upstairs for a few minutes...  Though, I should have done that earlier instead of watching them with the dogs, and working on other personal projects.

It's just I haven't had much time for personal projects.  Well, okay.  Kid stuff, and all inclusive 4-H stuff is personal but really 'family' stuff.  I've been de-Christmasing the house, and it seems I'm cleaning the floors every day and I scrub at least two of three toilets daily though I might only get to one full vanity and yet -- I can't catch up!

So where does my creative time come in?  Like scrap-booking as I promised I'd get back into this year because I enjoy scrapping our keepsake memories of the kids and our family and our lives together.

And, what about  my WIP.  All my friends who I value and title as 'True Writers' work daily on theirs.  I guess I don't take myself seriously enough or feel I'm talented enough to put something out there so my WIP gets put on the side burner.  I can write 2000 - 3000 words in a two day period only to leave it for months.

I spend more time on laundry (I swear people mix theirs in with mine) than most find plausible. [OK, could be because I'm anal about my laundry....]

In a few minutes [after we weigh the bunnies; had to separate the two small ones for treats from the big ones though they always eventually knock down their barrier] it'll be time for the kids to each read their literature story to me so I can question and quiz them as we go along to prepare them for their literature test tomorrow.

I should be working on one to three content works to publish at Triond to build my monthly earnings.

I should be catching up with all of y'all on your blogs (as usual, I have multiple windows opened with each blog post to be read....  Problem is once I get about 20 or more I sometimes lock up the server or browser.  Then I have to start all over again....)

I should be doing all of this.....

But, I'm not.  I'm writing this blog post.  [Though, I should 'also' be keeping up with my blog, right?  I mean y'all are my friends and supporters....]

Now it is time that I 'must' be.  I must be reading with my children to prepare them for tomorrow's lit test.    I must be setting my phone alarm to wake me to wake Lil'Gal in the middle of the night to remind her to 'feel' her body and go potty before the potty goes for her...

And, what I mustn't do is visit the cool blog I came across today all about Bella, Edward, and the whole Twilight Gang.  No I mustn't.  But if you must, you can find it on my blog roll over there to the left. ;-)

Tomorrow will be dedicated to creating the animation of "Perry the Platypus" on a 1/2 sheet cake for FJ's birthday party on Sunday.  THIS is very important.  He approved the frosting colors (homemade). He actually picked out the gel to die the butter cream (I didn't want him to be able to blame me for not getting it right).  Now all I have to do is draw Agent Perry on the frosted cake and then decor him appropriately.

Wish me luck with what I should be doing, am doing, and am tackling tomorrow....

Good luck with all of your "Shoulds Coulds, Woulds, and Will dos".

FYI?  Tomorrow is What?  What is tomorrow?  Tomorrow is _ _ _ _ of the _ _ _ _!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

How smart of you to have your son choose the colors for the frosting. :) I'm sure the cake will turn out beautifully!
I, too, have a list of should, could, would, and must-do's... beginning with laundry and de-Christmas-ing the house!

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

KC, today you should be doing what YOU want to do! After all it is your day! Happy Birthday!

Melissa said...

I've a long list of "should be doings" - don't we all? But sometimes you just have to chuck it out the window and do what you WANT!

You are Super Mom, Gal. You always manage to get it done, no matter what. :-D