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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Behind, Ahead, On Track: Family Life

Yesterday I woke up feeling all kinds of behind.  My whole day ran that way, from school, to home to print coupons which took 'for-evah' and never printed before I had to take off for the store.  Came home, groceries away, lunch time and laundry still on the cart and growing in clean mountains on the couch.

Clutter living and sprouting across the island, the bar, next to Mac (he gets the largest part of it), pick up kids, dinner, 4-H meeting (letters done, approved and turned in) and back home for baths, reading spelling -- wait, what?  9:pm already? Yes dear tired children, you may indeed be tucked in.

Today?  Rockin' it.  On top of it.  Morning shower (including a wet head of hair soon dried and styled), hot breakfast for kids (an almost always), to school with time to spare. Clothes (multiple loads, and still running and circulating while I worked) hung, folded, sorted, distributed.  Towels folded.  Bed rooms tidied.  Kitchen, bar, island and all space cleared of all clutter.  [This was a task because it was mostly school stuff, Science Fair stuff, books reminders, etc.]

Appliances shined, floors cleaned and ready to be steamed to purity. Unfortunately, that part was a downer because the Shark decided it would still vacuum but no longer steam  = FW has no floor steamer = FW has nasty floors (at the down and dirty level) = FW will be purchasing a new floor steamer while waiting to drive for the field trip tomorrow.

Happy Note:  No way to steam clean floors means I get 45 - 60 minutes of my life back depending on how many square feet I was planning to clean.  Thus giving me back some time to tend to a few other things.

1) Finish paperwork and load in truck to review with FIL to try and save $$ on property taxes for Mom's place.
2) Layout for Science Fair project ready for FJ to do his plants in particular soil venues.
3) Polished the granite.
4) Find the watch my Daddy wanted me to look into like the other one but different.
5) Tread the mill - only 40 minutes...
6) Get book review and giveaway posted (these take time; reason why short treadmill walk time)
7) Order Daddy's watch to be delivered via USPS, Priority Mail - and ordered from within the USA.  No more Singapore and outside of our nation expenditures/cr@p-diddle.
6) Dinner ahead of time rather than behind, kids played outside (low homework night), homework, baths, spelling review done, TV time with their Daddy and I'm fiddling on the LT thinking 'what am I missing'.


The miss?  The PTL mtg.  Kids upset.  Though, I couldn't have made it there without the Hubby anyhow because I can't make that long drive back at night, in the dark, with my eyes.  I text Wondermom so she could tell the teacher why we are not there.  Guess what?  Wondermom forgot too.

[Me happy to not be the loaner.]  Text the teacher (they had a mini-performance to get parents to attend) as to why we aren't there.  All is well.  Oh and Yes, we can text the teacher.  Is this just an us thing or can y'all too?  Correspondence IRT (in real time).  Technology rocks.

So overall?  From behind to ahead and now right on track!  Running the family life this way makes FW feel in control and empowered and good at her job. ;-)  Now if I could just fit those two hours a day for my writing to work towards a career somehow one day with regular pay....  Ah, tomorrow.  Time for wine.  I've earned it.



kcinnova said...

Most days are the "behind" kind for me, probably because I am so distractable! But yesterday was a successful day -- I was a whirlwind of activity. Still, I didn't get the gardening done along the front walk. TODAY!!
My husband doesn't think the clutter is all about the kids, but really? It mostly is... and of course, my own cr@p. We e-mail teachers here.

Melissa said...

You amaze me, truly! I can't remember the last time I was ahead of the game on anything. I need a big dose of sunshine and warm temps to get me going, because all I feel like doing these days is curling up in the chair and dozing for a bit. LOL!

Catcherdudesmom said...

I truely believe you get done in one day most don't get done in a week. :)

I was just talking to my mother about the texting teachers. I can not believe how teachers hand out their home & cell numbers. I just think that is insane, it is getting to where my son has as many teachers cells as friends. Crazy if you ask me.

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Lis, sunshine makes a BIG difference and we've had some of that lately. Beautiful weather gets me popping. I blossom in the sunshine. My energy emerges like a butterfly from her cacoon. :-)

Knight said...

Jeez woman! You earned more than wine.

Anonymous said...

You made me tired just reading this! Wish I had some of your energy.