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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Brandi's Tickle Spot

A short video the boys took of me and Brandi.  Most pups seem to have a tummy tickle spot but her's is almost under her arm pit.  Too funny.

When she wants attention she'll paw at you.  If you are petting her and you stop, she'll push her paw at you.  If you are just resting a foot on her and you move it, yep, you get the paw.  Hard to tell from the video but I must say it's a pretty strong pawin' she does.

Anyhow, just made us all giggle with Brandi's tickle-tickle spot!



Anonymous said...

she is SUCH a big dog! soo cute though. good protector, I can tell. :)


Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Audra, she IS big; in fact I have to purchase some diet dog food for her and we are going to have to start feeding them separately so we can bring her weight down some.

They are a large breed but she is definitely over weight. She was 163 last year; I'm worried when I take her to the vet next week that she is going to be closer to 170. :-((

She's the best dog in the world though!! [I was totally housewife-ing it that day; allergy eyes, glasses and all.] :-P

Anonymous said...

Looks like she was enjoying every bit of that!

Melissa said...

My thoughts exactly - she is BIG!!!