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Friday, March 25, 2011

M(i) new iWrite iWork iPlay

Got a new toy.  Actually, it is more for a working purpose.  It is totally awesome!  Or should I say (i)Some.

Yes, I have an iPad.  And, now (i)'m rockin!

I purchased the 'Pages' app and it totally serves my needs as a word processing program.  Only 'Pages' is, well, pages above Word.  Totally.  It does everything.  And, I can sync back and forth wirelessly or through iTunes with my documents.  Yes!  iTunes syncs my word docs, PDF docs, etc. back and forth to my iPad.

I haven't played around with the wireless sync/sharing.  I need to learn that because then I could sync via the internet.  Meaning I could create a document in Arkansas while visiting Daddy and send it to my LT in Farmville, Texas to back it up.  Isn't that incredible?  And, don't forget wireless printing.  Create a document while on the road or waiting in the doctor's office, get home and hit print.  TA-DA.

While practicing and playing around with my new Pad last night and a little this morning in between chores, I wrote over 1,000 words in my WIP.  I haven't written a syllable there since last fall.  But, having it with me all the time allows me to jot down those notes, ideas, thoughts and scenes that my mind creates while I'm driving, and otherwise multi-task from anywhere.  Even in the school parking lot while waiting to pick up the kids.  (i)LOVE (i)T.

Not to mention that I have all of my info synced everywhere.  The LT, the iPhone, the kids iPods, and now my baby iPad all sync together.  I can share apps in between all of them and my calendar is always up to date so wherever I am, or whatever I am doing, alerts will 'alert' me to appointments and 'to dos'.  If I do it on my iPhone, my LT or my iPad - it'll all sync up.  (i) Luuuuuuuuvvv-it! [singing melodically]

The fun part? [What, there is more fun than all of that?  Holey Yes Ma'am!]

The iPad is like a mini-LT allowing me to do anything else in the entire cyber world I want.  Don't forget movies and catching up with television shows while on the road.  The iPod app for all my music makes it a portable stereo.  It's also an e-reader (though I love the screen of my kindle so it always travels with me as well). And, so much more I can't even begin to share.

So, I have a computer, the internet, a stereo, a gamer (think x-box), a television, two cameras, and books all in my lil'ol purse.  Sweeeeet?  TOTALLY.

Truly, apple is genius. iHeart apple.

My baby is the iPad 2.  Meaning 2 times the speed.  2 (not none, not one, but two) cameras which adds the Photo booth and FaceTime apps to the version 2 unit, in addition to being able to take photos of anything.  And, it is a third less the thickness of the original iPad.  As a comparison, my iPad 2 is the same thickness as my kindle.  No way?  WAY.

I have the new cover which attaches magnetically and puts the Pad to sleep.  Extremely thin and portable.  Thinner than a note pad in my purse.  Complete tote-ability.  The cover folds up to work as a stand for the iPad as well.  Either a typing board stand or upright for viewing movies, videos, etc.

AND, the iPad 2 comes in the original color scheme (black border) and now a white bordered color scheme.  [Know which one I got?  You know me.] ;-D

FW is all about the white.  White SUV, white kindle, white mac (well, now I'm on the MacBook Pro but silver is my second favorite color), white doors, white baseboards, white molding, white, white, white.  (i) *heart* white.

It also kicks all the other 'pads' pies:

Don't let those other guys or sales clerks fool you.  If you want a Pad, you want THE Pad, the iPad.

If you order from the apple website they offer free engraving.  I had mine personalized for Lil'ol me:

Befitting me, isn't it? ;-P

HAPPY FWFD of the weeeeeeeeek!  [Insert Super sound-barrier breaking squeeeeeeee!]



Sonya said...

Love it. Thanks for sharing all that it will do!

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

I'm loving it!!! And, thanks for your comment along with your visit. ;-)

Alice said...

You make it sound SOO good! I can't wait to get MY Ipad2 and give Rene my Ipad! Darn it!! It's going to be even harder to wait now!!