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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Promises She Keeps

So, I finished another book.  :-)

This book is different from the typical books I read: romance books, paranormal books, and erotica to name a few.

This book is completely smut-free.  This book tells a different type of story.  It demonstrates the power of the distribution of love.  Doing so with mild secretion allowing the reader to read the story without interruption from the message.  Don't let my interpretation bore you.  It is a very interesting story swaying here and there along the way.  I just can't put it into words.  Ever read a good story like that?

The characters are so individually diversified.

The MC, Promise, has cystic fibrosis.  The two main supporting characters both have hinderances of their own, Zack being dark in mind and haunted by his mother's eccentric practices and Chase who is Autistic.  Though some would consider them ailments, these hinderances lend a uniqueness to this beautiful story.  There is an air of love wafting through  -- though not in that typical romance novel, physical kind of way.  It is a story about friendship, about appreciation of life, and about leaving behind a part of oneself.

I have to say I was surprised to find that out of the three main characters and the others who fit in here and there along the way, Chase is indeed by far my favorite.  The story is primarily centered around Promise and the connection between Zack and Chase -- but I found myself reading anxiously for Chase through each scene.  I fell in love with him in an endearing sort of way.  "I love you."  To quote his simplistic statement for a complicated emotion.

For me, the story started a little slow, reading about five to ten percent here and there.  This isn't odd for me, though.  I'd say 30% of the books I read take awhile to grab me.  The writing, particularly in the beginning, was almost poetic. At least to me, it being apart from some of the matter-o-fact of other books I typically read.  For example:

Tarnished clouds advanced low over the Oregonian coastline, bringing rain to challenge the late-morning sun.

She pleaded with whatever unseen force governed the world that this would be true, because her days were winding down with every turn of the earth.

Somewhere around page 97, I fell into the rhythm of the writing as the characters and the concepts wove themselves into the fibers of my brain.  I found I couldn't put it down, finishing the remaining 232 pages by the next day.

I know I haven't given much about the storyline but this book is so hard to explain.  A person has to sit down and read it for him/herself. And so with that, I am offering an opportunity to win a copy of this book so that you may indeed read it for yourself. I'm secretly wondering which character you will be drawn to and why.


1 entry)  Comment that you want to be entered (required).


1 entry)  Post this review on your FB page (I'll be nagging it along the way too). :-)
1 entry) Tweet this message to your twitter pals (we all love free books, well most of us anyhow).

3 entries) This is a big one.  Haven't done this one in awhile.  Write a post about this giveaway with a link on your blog so we can share with more people.

Don't forget you have to come back and let me know you did these and/or leave me a link or else I won't know to count the additional entries for you.

That makes up to a total of six entries.  Good luck!  This giveaway will close on Tuesday, March 29th, 2011 at midnight CST.  The winner will be contacted shortly after to obtain a mailing address for the publicist to direct ship a copy.

Thank you again to Phenix & Phenix for the opportunity and for providing a copy to giveaway!



kayla said...

I want to win this book! It looks super good!~

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Kayla, it will leave you wondering until the very end. But, in the end though possibly surprised by then ending -- it will leave you happy and optimistic about people and life, and love for one another. ;-)

kayla said...

I tweeted and posted on fb. Although not sure if it was how you wanted it. I posted the link to that post on your blog on twitter and reposted what you posted with the cover of the book on fb. Thanks for the opportunity gal!

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Kayla, perfect! ;-) I just want to share the love of books. And, opportunities. THX!

kcinnova said...

This book sounds lovely. Will it make me cry? I need a book to take on the plane when I go to visit my mom. I'd love to win it!
Of course, I'm off fb for Lent and my blogging is rather sporadic during this time, too... too much to accomplish trying to get the house ready to sell. But hey, one chance is better than none, right? ;)

Melissa said...

Enter me, please! (I love all these giveaway books from Phenix & Phenix - awesome!)

Okay - I'm off to FB, Twitter, and blog the giveaway. :-D

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Thanks for the FB post Lis!