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Friday, April 8, 2011

New Bloggie! Introducing WONDERMOM!!!

There's a new blogger in town!

Yes, my good friend, Wonder-Mom has found her way to the blogging world.  She's taking off quite quickly I must say.  [He he he, proud to have sucked her in so she can share all of her great ideas, tips, savings, creativity and fashion.]

Many of y'all will recall that Wonder-Mom basically single handedly decorated our play room for the kids a few summers ago.  This was a birthday present for me knowing my Dad was coming to visit and that I was planning Hubby's surprise 40th birthday party for the next month.  [Click HERE to see how it turned out!  And, she did it on a dime!]

You never know what you'll find at her place.  She's all about fashion, crafting, saving money, kids, recycling and getting the best bang for your buck.  While at the same time she's all about fashion.  She's about organizing and efficiency.  And, she's an all around great friend to have.  She's part of FW's posse.

Why last week she and her husband built an actual Agility obstacle course for their 1 1/2 year old doberman, Molly.  You can check that out HERE: Doberman Agility A-Frame Fun!

She's Harry Potter and Twilight too!  And, books.  Can't leave our her love of books.

So, please drop by her place and welcome my friend Wonder-Mom to the world of blogging.  You can find her at her place, Everyday Life With Style.  (Catchy, eh?)



Sondrae Bennett said...

I love meeting fun new bloggers! I'm going to head over now.

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Sondrae, thanks! New bloggers love a visit here and there and she's awesome! :-)

Alice said...

Thanks Nova!!:-)) For everything!