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Friday, April 29, 2011

The Water Party: Ideas?

Regrouping.  I'm going to have to call the 'water-slide inflatable' guy because I fear having the huge, awesome water slide just days after FJ and Lil'Gal have their casts removed (fingers crossed in every way) isn't the safest bet.  Since we are kind of rushing the healing process anyway.

The ortho-doc, who is very nice and understanding, understands that we need to be cast free for our annual river trip.  Otherwise the kids will be forced to sit aside the pretty river and watch from the bank as their dear friends and mom and dad bask in the wetness of it all.

A giant water slide is indeed a danger to freshly healed bones, thus threatening we could end up in the ER the day of her party (two days or so before we leave).  BUT, I am comforting my sweet Lil'Gal with the notion that we will still get the water slide -- but we will have to wait until after all our summer trips -- at which time we will get the giant, slide in all of its water-wet, sliding glory and have all her friends out one day during the super-hot heat of the summer. ;-)

In the meantime, she fears she lied to all her friends about what wonder-water fun they will have at her party.  So, I'm thinking waterworks!  Sprinklers and those silly water willy's are always delightful and it is a win-win for Hubby as it will water his grass.  Slip and slides are a definite NO-no for the same reason as the water slide.

Water balloons will be immediately shot down by hubby because he won't want to deal with the broken balloon mess.  Water guns sound fun as long as the children don't shoot at the parents (like that won't happen).  Some soaking pools might be enjoyable for some splashing.

What are your thoughts and ideas?  Please share!  This is a luau and water-fun party after all; with your help and ideas I know I can make it just as much of a splash as a 14 foot wonderful, inflatable water slide.




Melissa said...

I think her friends will all understand why she can no longer have a water slide at her party. And if there's the promise of it at a later date . . . so much the better. :-D

I think sprinklers and the like will be a lot of fun! Maybe you could even have a sundae bar.

kcinnova said...

Sprinklers are fun, and you can invite the parents in on the fun by giving ONLY the parents custody of the water guns. There can be a specific area that, if a child crosses into it, the child is "game" for squirting with the water gun. Believe it or not, the kids will love it, and the parents can play while seated with a beverage. :)

Stephanie said...

I;m sure they'll understand!! And they;ll have lots of fun no matter what you do!!