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Saturday, April 16, 2011


Yesterday I wrote a post dialoguing a conversation between Hubby and I regarding my pretty, outside table and chairs for the back porch.  I wanted to sit and watch the sunset, while blogging, surfing the internet and enjoying a nice glass of Chardonnay.

I ended up getting out my nifty, portable folding table (which he doesn't know yet but I'm going to insist he trade me for my porch table currently residing -- against my will -- in the barn).  Anyhow, Lil'Gal is just like me.  This morning she took up residence:

(notice the nifty splint on her right hand; to be casted on Tuesday)

Seein' as iTunes isn't set up on the kids LT, she took her iPod and her Skull Candy music dock and is officially jamming to music while tending to her computer related business.  Too funny!  I must say, life is good.

On that note, this is Saturday! It is a beautiful (blow your face crooked WINDY) day!  So, I'm going to get with it and PUMP IT!!

Everyone loves a little Black Eyed Peas!  Happy Saturday!!



Gary's third pottery blog said...

oh Lil Gal, sheesh! poor kid!
Thanks for the upbeat weekend message, take care FW :)

Sonya said...

Love it! Well, it's only in the 40's here in middle TN. Not much outside or porch hanging for us! However, I've been wearing my flip flops to run errands. lol

Stephanie said...

LOL! So not able to sit outside on the computer here!!! Maybe in a month.

kcinnova said...

That looks like a great scrapbooking table to me!
Hubby must need a picnic table in the barn. Maybe he could make one? (That's what SuperDad did for us years ago.)
You need yours back!!
But you can keep the HOT in Texas. Anything over 84 F is too hot for me. (Makes you wonder how I survived 5 years in Texas, doesn't it?)

Alice said...

Like Mother, like daughter.;-)
Side note-You know me, I LOVE the Black Eyed Peas!!