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Friday, August 5, 2011

EXPERIMENT: I need your input

I'm conducting an experiment. Non-judgmental to any party. I just want to know how the majority of us would answer a particular question. See, Lil'Gal had a Science test today. She didn't do well on the review test the day before and so I requested some study information to help bring her up to speed.

Her teacher was wonderful and emailed us a five page review sheet. Fabulous. We didn't have the book, but I'm no dummy. Surely, I can answer these questions on states of matter (solid, liquid, gas) and a few other things. After all, this is only 3rd grade science. Lil'Gal argued with me on a few of the questions and I expressed my "I'm older and smarter" will upon her and so she, worriedly, took my answer over hers.

She studied her review diligently and knew all the answers for the actual test. But, guess what? The one's she argued with me? That, her answers just didn't make sense to? She was correct. Insert very upset with myself parent because my Lil'Gal did the work, the extra work, the studying and I screwed her grade up.


So, answer a few of these questions for me please? Use the following format in the comment section:

#1, (A, B, C, or D) which answer you choose #2, (the same). I'd really appreciate it if you'd leave a little note along with each answer why you think so... Just to help a FW out with her experiment.

#1: Which item below can exhibit more than one state of matter:

A) a hamburger
B) a soda
C) a straw
D) all the above

#2: If it the thermometer read 20 degrees celsius would it be:

A) too hot to go outside
B) a pleasantly nice day
C) an icy cold, miserable day
D) school would be cancelled

You tell me what you think about these. Give me your honest, answer and I'd really appreciate a 'why you answered that way'. The 'why' is really important to me regarding reasoning so that I can assess my own thinking.

Also, I want you to keep in mind while you may be very scientifically minded - this is a third grade exam. There are no super powers, lasers, or matter distorting options available at this point. Although, maybe I'm wrong on that and NASA was covered as well. Or, the sun? I don't know. Just answer your adult opinion/answer (like I did with her) and your reasoning why. As a third note, a little input about that knowledge in comparison with a third grade assignment is also welcome. I guess I'm saying, spill whatever comes to mind along with your answers. :-D

I'm going to leave this open for awhile, let us say a week - until August 12th at midnight - to obtain comments/answers. Then, I will analyze the answers and provide a follow up post. I'll provide a link to said analysis post to everyone who participated - so long as I can trail you back somewhere or you provide your email address.

I really appreciate your participation in this. Really. Even if you are anon or pop in here by a search engine and didn't find what you are looking for - please? Kindly? Share you two wee little answers?

Oh, and one final request. Please DO NOT read the preceding comments until after you have posted your comment. I have a few teacher friends and one specializes in Science. So, I want your 'un-influenced answer' first, then you can go and see what the rest of the world had to say.


Happy FWFD of the WEEEEEEEEEE!!!!



Prohomemaker.Com said...

#1 - B. It has the gas of carbonation, it's a liquid, and it can be frozen.

#2 - B. Strictly a guess. I think it's multiplied by 4, but can't recall.

Anonymous said...

#1. B

My first instinct would be B- because it is a liquid and can be frozen to a solid and heated until it is evaportate which is a gas.

But a straw could be melted to a liquid state and cooled back to a solid.

A Hamburger is a solid, so freezing it, it would still be a solid. You can't melt a burger so no gas.

Also, the question said more than one state, not all.

#2. C.

Because I know that 0 degrees Celsius is freezing and 100 is boiling.

I hope this helped. When are you going to grade our answers?

Gary's third pottery blog said...

oh gosh, I have no idea with the first, and I think 20 c is a pleasant temp!

Melissa said...

#1 B - I agree with anonymous that a straw could be melted and then cooled back to a solid, but that seems like a trick question to me. (sorry - I read the other answers!)

#2 B - a pleasantly nice day (this was my first instinct, but I admittedly looked up the conversion of Google just to be sure)

Anonymous said...

#1 B
#2 B

#1 - To me, "a state of matter" is what it's composed of. So, to me, a hamburger is solid, as is a straw. A soda is liquid, but if you freeze it, it can become solid, therefore - two states of matter.

#2 - I only think this because when I was in Australia and the temp was Celsius, it was like 30-some degrees, and the Aussies were complaining about the heat wave. So it seems to me like 20 would be nice and pleasant.


Knight said...

1) D The question wording is tricky but all three items CAN technically exhibit more than one state of matter. They are all solids that CAN contain moisture for one thing.

2) B Since this is something like 70 degrees or around there I would think the day is pleasant but I'm a Yankee. You Texans might consider that a miserable day.

Knight said...

Hey! Whatever happened with this?

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

knight I haven't forgotten! Had company over the weekend and my book giveaway to get up! Maybe this afternoon or evening I can get the follow up post!