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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I WILL...GET BY: musical update in Farmville


I've really meant to blog since my last post. Seriously. In fact I even wrote a post Saturday entailing all that had been going on and the once again emotional roller coaster this school year has left me riding so far. But, it was REALLY long. And, Lil'Gal REALLY wanted my attention. (I mean, annoying-me-crazy wanted my attention). So, in the end I bagged it.

The just:

This year has been an adjustment both socially and curriculum wise in addition to teaching styles, etc.

Farmer, Jr. got off to a bad start in math because he wasn't paying attention and Mama wasn't allowed to be there to keep him on task.

Lil'Gal had an adjustment period, socially and with the structure of her day - she didn't like it because she expected it to be a party; as she said, she was used to her old school where they were all like family.

Just as we are all on track and know what we are doing, Farmer, Jr.'s math grade takes a bigger dive.

I poke, prod, nag and in the end it drops so low If ain't a B or above it is failing in this house. I'm talking a glaring, bold red 69 on the computer when I looked it up that I am physically ill.

His teacher reviewed his grades and graciously allowed FJ to retake one of his math tests. *FINGERS CROSSED* he nails it today (the two grades will be averaged together).

The other:

I don't like change unless I have planned for change at that particular day/moment/event. I'm structured. My calendar is scheduled months out. Giving me an answer or response of "We'll see" equals "No, ain't happening" in my book.

I was pleased to have Wednesday scheduled as 'extra curricular day' for the kids extra stuff (not including the once a month Monday 4-H meeting). Kids get out of school at 2:30 on Wednesdays. FJ does guitar lesson at 3:pm. Snack and library for homework. Lil'Gal dance lesson at 5:-pm. Home, dinner, baths, bed.

Last week:

Guitar instructor can't do Wednesday's anymore because he has a lab at this time (he's close to graduating from college at which time he is opening his own business/music lessons)

Two days later, Dance class schedule has changed. Same night but doesn't end until 7:45 PM. This is the only night they offer this particular class. I can't drive at night - the whole vision thing (most of y'all are familiar with this).

Next morning, FJ's grade shows up on computer as failing, 69. Five days to bring it up (but, as you read above we did get to do the whole retest and FJ did better on his speed drill and got a 99 on his rounding test, TTGL!)

I flip out. I get physically ill. This week is NOT working out. Friday evening I drink lots of wine, with Mom friends, and whine.

But, I got through it. Worked it all out. Guitar Mondays at 3:pm. Dance Tuesdays at 5:pm (not the same style but it is supposed to be 'High School Musical' like) ;-) That works.

DISCLAIMER: I know, if these are the biggest of my troubles and worries I need to count my blessings - and I did. But, keep in mind that: four weeks of a daughter crying every morning when you leave her at school, and writing you notes all day about how she doesn't like it, and a son who seems clueless about how to get his work done and turned in and doesn't understand the repercussions of failing, AND, I can't do a D@MN thing about it - along with the fact that I'm getting little sleep and interrupted at that for the past five weeks, WILL wear a Mama down both physically and emotionally.

And, with that update I'll leave you with this week's 80s flashback: Because I Will Get By.



Melissa said...

Gal, trust me when I say we all understand if your glass has been a little less than half full lately. Man, oh man, you've had a lot on your plate lately. I really hope that things begin to look up for all of you!

Alice said...

Girl, it doesn't matter the severity of the stress, it is still stress. But it can't last forever and things will work themselves out. We just have to keep going, take deep breaths, drink alot of beers(or a couple a glasses/bottles of wine, and dream of jewelry. ;-)
I'm ALWAYS here for you no matter what the issue! ALWAYS! Love you girl!

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Lis and Alice, thanks my gal pals. Y'all know me so well. And, y'all know what I've been racking my head and heart against - but it really is a good thing.

Just the adjustment. I remember 2nd grade I was knashing my teeth and pulling my hair over the transition from kinder-hood to Mrs. E's class. No hand holding there.

And, it is all coming together...FINALLY...barring no 'failing' grade. Phew! Three more days!