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Monday, August 1, 2011

Fingers Crossed...

Today begins the third week of school. I have to say in all honesty, it hasn't gone as smoothly as hoped.

Farmer, Jr. is adjusting fairly well with his typical attitude of 'I hate school; school is dumb; whoever invented school is cruel'. Although, he is thrilled with their playground and all the super cool stuff it has and that he can do.

Lil'Gal on the other hand typically LOVES school. Her friends, learning, homework, reading, studying - she truly loves it all.

She loves being smart. She loves being right. She loves the fact that she is good at school.

As most of y'all know via me, FB, the first week got off to a rocky start. What I thought was a good start turned out not to be such. Each day is a struggle. We have a good day and then I find out the next day isn't so good. Lil'Gal is having trouble adjusting.

The new school is bigger. Actually, bigger is a misnomer. It is HUUUUUUUGE. Huge not just in change from our tiny little private school but by most schools in general. With the masses comes crowd control.

So, things are very structured. Not that Lil'Gal isn't used to structure but it seems difficult to freely socialize. How can a social butterfly like my Lil'Gal make new friends when she feels stifled at every turn? And, she has friends there at the school but they are in second grade. The grades aren't allowed to mingle - again, crowd control. *sigh-grunt*

I have to keep in mind that she was quite sheltered at our little private school. And, the change was inevitable. Long gone are the days of Pre-K and kinder. Third grade is a stepping stone. School is not a party, it is a job. I explained this to Lil'Gal.

She's doing her best. She's trying hard. She's making the effort. Once she gets to P.E. I've been told by both her and her teacher that life seems to pick up. She's in good spirits when I visit her at lunch, saving seats for her two or three new friends from class. She's happy and chatty when I pick her up in the afternoons. Still, this past Thursday I got the call from the counselor's office. Lil'Gal had been crying all morning. What? MY LIL'GAL?  :-((

We are trying a reward system. She tries hard to be optimistic (you think she would come by that naturally) and keep her chin up and I'll bring her a special lunch and eat with her, or take her for an ice cream treat after school. She did great this past Friday. Even her teacher commented. And, before I left she helped pull down the chairs, pass out breakfast (she likes to help and be needed), and she even asked me to show one or two of the students a picture of our Biggun' from my phone.

This morning is a new week. We head into school and wait for the teacher outside her door as we get there early. I can feel some level of anxiety. I make small talk. We go into the class. I encourage her to pass out breakfast which, she takes to immediately of course. We get chairs down. I try to make a little conversation with the boy at her group (he is always there early too). She hugs me and hugs me again and kisses me on my cheek and hugs me again. I can feel her whoa.

'Draw a picture' I say. 'Write me a note about how your day goes'. She pulls out her spiral and this seems to comfort her. She shows me her desk and folders (immaculately organized) and I offer praise and oohs, and ahs. One last hug, she seems to be holding her chin up though it is a struggle this morning.

[Why does this have to be so hard?]

I exit with my stomach once again in a knot and my fingers crossed. Prayers up through out the day along with optimistic thoughts that today will be the day that finally breaks over into happiness during school.

Fingers crossed.



Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

The morning went well and she had a great day! Phew! Super-Yay!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

GOOD. Fingers still crossed!

Knight said...

This has to be so hard on you.If only you could watch her without her knowing all day and find out where the breakdown is. But you are an amazing mother and it sounds like you keep her glass half full so fingers crossed and lots of icecream treats in your future!

Melissa said...

Since I've "been there, done that," I know how absolutely frustrating and emotionally difficult this is all the way around. You and Lil Gal keep your chins up! It'll get better. :-D