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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

RESULTS: The Experiment

Twelve days ago, I submitted a post requesting your participation in helping me to understand my Lil'Gal's science test. Because, as I mentioned in that POST how I 'apparently' misconstrued the information and thus talked Lil'Gal out of her answers and into mine. After all, I'm a 39-year-old and I would think I trump a third-graders knowledge.

Here were the two questions, pulled directly from her test, that I thought, WTH are is wrong with this found to be very confusing. (There were more than two).

[Again, this experiment was nothing to judge the teacher or school. But possibly to prove that either I didn't understand and am not as intelligent as I previously thought, or that the text/curriculum needed some re-evaluation.]

#1: Which item below can exhibit more than one state of matter:

A) a hamburger
B) a soda
C) a straw
D) all the above

#2: If it the thermometer read 20 degrees celsius would it be:

A) too hot to go outside
B) a pleasantly nice day
C) an icy cold, miserable day
D) school would be cancelled

Regarding #1:

The overall answer was B, a soda. Which makes complete sense. A soda is a liquid, it can be frozen into a solid and it is also somewhat gaseous. Some mentioned that the straw, a solid, could be melted into a liquid (to quickly return to a solid state). I considered this when thinking through this question with Lil'Gal. But, a hamburger? A hamburger is a solid. Knight mentioned that it had moisture, which is true. But, even if it was put in a dehydrator it would still be a solid. And, if you put it in a tub of water it still wouldn't completely disintegrate. The bread might, but the meat would be just a big swollen, soggy mess.

The actual answer? D. No really, D. I mentioned this to the teacher and she said that under an intense heat source a hamburger could be burned up (basically, into nothing). My thoughts? No. You could burn it down into ash, but you would still have ash. A powdery solid, in my opinion. Hubby's thoughts to this was, "Well then anything and everything has more than one state of matter if you are considering incineration."

Regarding #2:

Again the majority chose B. I googled the conversion and 20 degrees celsius would convert to 68 degrees fahrenheit. 68 degrees is pretty close, two degrees shy of, 70 degrees. 70 degrees is pretty much considered a nice day where ever you are in the US. I know in California, where ProHomemaker lives, most of his days are in the 70s and nice. I know in New York, 68 degrees is pretty much a perfect day. I know here in South Texas 68 degrees might prove to be slightly chilly (okay, just to me) but with the sun shining high in the sky, it would actually be a beautiful day.

The actual answer? C. Yeppers. C. Personally, I can in no way comprehend that 68 degrees would be a cold icy day. I can no way comprehend how 68 degrees could be 'too hot to go outside'. I can in no way comprehend how 68 could be a day where school would be cancelled.

Come the next science test I will consult with Lil'Gal's teacher (before the test) on any questions that could possible throw me for such a loop. Though, I have to say - I was very confident in my answer over Lil'Gal's. Though, when I picked her up after school and she expressed her grade she added, "See, I TOLD YOU MOM."

In deed she did. This is NOT the third grade I remember. :-P Thanks for participating. It did make me feel better that I wasn't the only one in my 'mis'assumptions. But, now I'm going to second guess any problem she and I have issue with. If only to be a fly on the wall in the classroom. Or, if I could send a tape recorder. LOL!

Share any thoughts in the comments!



Melissa said...


Did you tell the teacher that here in upstate NY, when it's 68 degrees, we're wearing freakin' shorts?!

"icy cold, miserable day" implies actual ice, which would be below 32 degrees. That's the dumbest answer EVER!

Seriously, I wonder how many kids missed that one? Did you talk to the teacher about that particular answer? I most certainly would.

It's really insane how incensed I am about this. Oh, and I don't believe the #1 answer is correct either. States of matter are solid, liquid, gas and plasma. Ash is still solid, right? It's certainly not liquid, gas, or plasma.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

as TT would say, NUCKING FUTS! 68 is perfect weather, helllllloooo? Sheesh...

Knight said...

I don't know. I still think a hamburger can exhibit more than one state of matter but that is in the wording. The incineration thing doesn't make any sense. I mean, a hamburger is made up of several elements and raw meat when cooked creates gas, liquid, and solid but you would have to burn it completely to just be solid.

The teacher is just wrong on number two. Just wrong.

shoreacres said...

What? Has school turned into ice skating? Style points for matching your answer to the Teacher's? That is just crazy.

An icy cold day implies - well, ice. And that implies 0 celsius.

Is this a public school? Did the teacher write the questions and answers or are those from state curriculum? I'm so unhinged by this I'm going to have to go out and walk around the block or something.