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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Gun Powder and Lead: Don't Let Life Bully You

This song that I'm embedding is a little extreme but not so much like the Dixie Chicks with their "Earl's Gotta' Die" song and of course it comes from the view of an abused woman. But we gotta' keep this stuff in mind. Our children are bullied and abused day to day in more than physical ways. It ain't the old days of hazing and wedgies and dumping you in the trashcan (thank the Lord that never happened to me but don't think I didn't hear about it or see it happening my freshman year in high school).

Now it is cyber, and technology and unescapable. I'm a fun loving person who loves everyone but that 'don't mean my mouth don't run away from me' now and then - and sometimes what it says doesn't make the statement my mind is trying to say. And, know that I take it into consideration when other people I know have their minds and mouths run a little off  from where they should be too. No one is perfect and we all judge and say things 'in private' or we think in private that we don't even mean in ill respect but because we are human we have to get those thoughts out.

It is only when something comes out of turn or out of line or someone gets caught in the middle and then when it comes down to it people regret what they say if it gets out. [No worries, I've been totally in the line, on the line, I'm just expressing this point because I've had some friend cross the line...In other words, it ain't me this time. FW been a good girl at biting her tongue. And, that is might difficult for FW in certain situations. In fact, I have people who come to me to 'not' bite my tongue. I'm learning my non-lingual lessons.] :-P

I'm getting off topic here but you know what I mean. I guess I'm saying adults can bully and manipulate too. And, if you aren't strong enough in yourself to say 'so be it' 'or, 'I don't think so' or, 'let it be' then it can become a serious issue.

And for the most part, everyone knows I'll put my mouth where my muscle is at any given moment. But my empowerment is something that I learn from actually being picked on and ridiculed as a kid. I knew who I was but didn't have the self confidence to stand up for who I was because of my family and finical situation that 'you weren't allowed to talk about' back then to speak out.

The bottom line is we all feel this way sometimes. We want to tell that person or that issue or that life situation to quit smacking us around and treating us like a rag doll. Life is awesome and today is one very rare day where I have a few hours to do with whatever I want. Are there more pressing things? Yes. But homework is done, my baby SIL's baby shower went off wonderfully, my house is clean, the family has clean socks and undies for the week and Lil'Gal is for the moment - without drama. Oh, and our fridge is filled with food. We are blessed. The sun is shining (yes we need rain but God gives where it is deserved I always say) and the breeze at the barn is nice and the music is great and life is good. I have dogs resting at my feet begging to do my will for affection.

Tomorrow I get to watch three young girls who most of I've known since they were like five or six and one who is autistic but never ceases to surprise me and has found great trust in me, walk for their first communion. I'm a part of that. I will be forever a part of their CCD training and their first communion memories.

So life is wonderful. BUT, when it isn't. And, when it bites you in the behind. You hit it back with GUN POWDER and LEAD.  Hence, this posts musical embedding. :-) Happy Saturday Y'all!!


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compensators said...

It gave me courage and a strong heart.