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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Frio, and it has earned its name :-)

OK, so while the kids and the Hubby went to rent some tubes and kayaks I stayed back to tend to a few chores (ie: enjoy the silence and the sound of the river).

I took this little video down by the river to show some scenery but the sound quality is a little low. Anyhow the big joke is that Ms. Les kinda made fun of me because I dress up a little for the river. Meaning I wear SPF makeup, some bronzer, waterproof mascara and of course... Lip gloss :-D
Tee hee! Just because I'm hitting the big 40 doesn't mean I ain't gonna' try and keep a little youth. Even if I have to paint it in a'little :-P

Happy Tuesday! Oh and I finally finished one of my past due for review ARCs. I might get back to you here on that but for sure on goodreads!

(Wishing I'd had time to pick up
'Shades of Grey' before we got here)


Note: we'll it turns out, the iPad won't let me post my happy little video via this app. Grrrr. I might could post it if I took it directly from the blogger app. But alas I don't have time as the family is calling me. So instead you get these happy little pictures :-)

(I know, just not the same) :-P


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