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Friday, May 1, 2015

Driving kids to school; what it is really like~

As we all know, it can sometimes be a very hairy morning trying to get the kids from the house, to the vehicle after feeding them and cleaning up and making sure that they don't forget their lunches, their backpacks their permission slips, there musical or sports items and their personalities without some p!$$ing and moaning.

Now this particular morning we were right on track, almost early versus leaving behind schedule. Mind you this meant that for the second time this week I drove them wearing 'white trash style' and following all the speed limits and rules so as not to be so embarrassed to be pulled over in my camo top and shorts PJs and glasses and hair in a half-@$$ clip.

Now, mind you. Children have conversations on the way to school and I enjoy participating. But when the convo goes boring for me or out of my understanding I turn my radio back up and listen to some Comedy on Sirius XM (Hubby rocks that he pays for this for me).

So, as it happens with kids... or anyone, there is this very good bit on by Carlos Mencia. Now he is so funny to me because he loves America and loves our diversity but at the same time can crack you up until you cry about our diversity among races and social standing.

So, I'm listening to him and then the children (right behind me, I tell them I got an SUV with a third row seat for a reason) and they are discussing and then arguing about something I am clueless about. Something about school and a class they both have but one is in sixth grade and one is in seventh. Interrupting my morning laugh, which I love to get it on because I fuels my optimism and my mood.

Finally, I turn the radio down (missing some of this bit) and I belt out, "DO YOU WANNA' BUILD A SNOW MAAAAAAAN?" Both kids simultaneously "MOM! NOOOOOOOO!"

Me, "It doesn't have to be a SNOW MAN!" Farmer, Jr. momentarily distracted from their disapproval, "Can it be a dog?" *SQUIRREL* Lil'Gal, "NO, MOM STOP!" Farmer, Jr, *Oh yeah* "Mom! Quit torturing us."


Then, they became quite and I was able to listen to my comedy channels the rest of the way to school without interruption. And as I laughed, I wasn't just laughing at the comedy skits but also at the fact that I over powered their argument and actually bought myself some silence on the way to school - less the comedy - Mama has power! LOL!

Anyhow, I thought parents would get a kick out of this and maybe take note to try it sometime!

Happy Friday!!!!


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