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Friday, May 15, 2015

SUMMER already here yet already over! SERIOUSLY?

Howdy y'all,

So just as the school year is winding down (the kids last week is next week with Thursday and Friday being half days) we are already super booked!

This weekend I am going to my life long friend, Ali's 40th birthday party! She is joining the 40s club! Also, the house they purchased about a year ago and have totally renovated to try and put it back to its more original, eclectic status, will be turning 100 years old. I can't believe all the work that has gone into this project and I CAN'T WAIT to see it!

Come Monday-ish I am going to OOOOKLAHOOOOMMMAAA to see Terri next week so Hubby has the reins for the last week of school. Then school is OUT FOR SUMMER!

Shortly after we head to the FRIO! With all the rain we have had I've been told the water is running quite smoothly - after last year's trip it is life jackets for both kids.

Then we come back to check on the mosquitoes and the sweltering, drowning crops for a few days.

Then off to ALABAMA and GEORGIA!

Then home, but not for long. While Hubby is in the field (hopefully, fingers crossed), we are going to ARKANSAS to see my Daddy and two of my brothers AND my nephew! Daddy had a pond put in on the place for swimming and kayaking and of course, FJ's most or almost most favorite thing to do, FISH!!! The fish will still be babies but that won't stop FJ from staying out there all day and into the evening until I pull him back in for S'mores. :-)

Depending on the crops, Hubby might actually make it up to Arkansas with us this summer.

Finally, and exhausted we will return home. Take a breather. The boys will high tail it into the field to harvest whatever hasn't drowned. Meanwhile, Lil'Gal and I will be spending OUR 4th of July back in OOOOKLAHOMA for Heather and Tim's wedding! Summer is short but life is shorter, at least sometimes. So, it appears I will be spending most of our summer break on the road. But I will be seeing so many important people, making wonderful memories, events that will never be forgotten. Family, friends, scenery, love. And if that doesn't make for a perfect summer, then summer ain't all it is cracked up to be.

But it is. I HEART summer.

So in summary, I will be seeing my life-long BFF, Ali, for her 40th tomorrow along with her hubby and kids and several other people I haven't seen in decades. Then I will be heading out to see my shiny gal Terri, her hubby Roger and her daughter Heather and soon to be new son-in-law.

Then I will soak and enjoy the sun at the flowing Frio. Some friends of ours might be able to get a cabin to join us.

Come home, laundry and household duties just to pack up AGAIN to go see my Daddy and two of my brothers, SJ and Rye-Rye and my nephew Drew.

Return, Hubby and Farmer, Jr. get, as Hubby calls it, 'balls-to-the-walls-crazy in the field harvesting meanwhile Lil'Gal and I head back to OOOOKLAHOMA for Heather and Tim's wedding to celebrate the 4th of July! I wonder if they will have fireworks other than the kind that fly when you get married.

Come MY BIRTHDAY school will be starting back around the 20th of July. Whatever closest Monday that falls on. Oh, I can't forget to miss the school supply sales somewhere within there.

I'm going to be busy. Lots of on the road time. Putting this new hip to work driving long hours and dancing through the night. But such a busy schedule just means that "HOLEY COW-PATTIES... HOW BLESSED I AM."

Enjoy your Friday. I'm enjoying mine. While waiting for the appliance guy to come out for the seventh, eighth time to try and 'fix' our fridge.... But it is still Friday! Hugs and smooches. XXXXs and OOOO. Hogs and Kisses... Life is short. Embrace it, grab it by the tail and don't let the negativity get you down.

Speaking of tails, Buck Owens says it best. Grab that tiger by its tail and enjoy the ride:


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