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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A promise is a promise!

I know, I know! I promised I'd be back and more dedicated to my blog and see? Here I am again! I prefer to blog from the LT but seeing as we have the new pool and all I have been drawn to the outdoors in the middle of South Texas heat to 'adorn' the pool anytime I can get away from other chores.

I'm trying to crunch in as much 'free, un-invaded time' as possible before school starts back next week. (Yes, next week. For those of you who don't follow on FB, etc., we are in year round school which rocks but it cuts our actual Summers short).

Here is a little pic of the pool and our turtle I posted on FB and Instagram a couple weeks ago. I need to get a pic of the entire pool to post when we have the waterfall running and Hubby has the pretty lights on! In the late evening. PUUUURDY!

Anyhow, so this has been where I've been hanging out mostly. Reading, dipping, reading, floating on something, listening to music, swimming, checking FB, reading, dipping... You get the idea.

I have to brag that I'm developing quite the nice tan lines but I'm starting to notice I better moisturizer more often before I end up looking like this:

So that is what is up on this wonderfully warm summer Wednesday here at Farmers*wife's Castle! I hear my <s>steamy erotica</s> sundry, simply summer romance novel calling me and a slight whisper from the pool.

So, in the words of my Lil'Gal whom is currently creating her own "YouTube Channel' per request of her many friends who want to learn all her tips and tricks to 'surviving middle school and more',

"TOODLES until next time and remember, 'Make a difference.' (FYI, she's copywriting that.)

FW/Glass Half Full Gal


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