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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

To contact me, TEXT ME; this is a NO CALL ZONE

Most everyone knows I talk on the phone but it typically is my last form of contact. I prefer email, texting, messaging, FB, etc over actually DIALING the phone or actually ANSWERING the phone. I even prefer SNAIL MAIL over a ringing phone.

The other day Hubby and others had been trying to reach me. Hubby drops by the house and the conversation went as follows:

Hubby, "How come you aren't answering your phone?"

Me, "I didn't know you called."

Hubby, "I called three times."

Me, "Oh, it must still be on vibrate."

Hubby, "WHY would you leave it on VIBRATE?"

Me, "Because if it RINGS that usually means something is WRONG or someone NEEDS something."

Hubby, "What if I needed to reach you and it was an EMERGENCY?"

Me, "That's what TEXTING is for."

Now, obviously, if the school called or something I would be prompted to answer the call or return the call. It isn't like I don't check my phone very regularly because everyone knows I do. But, if it vibrates I let it go to voice mail. If it is truly IMPORTANT and/or not a wrong number or sales call, it will go to VOICEMAIL and a message will be there for me to listen to and decide how to respond.

Here is the other thing. My texting is set up across all my devices. So if I am working on something on the LT (which everyone knows is the brain of my household and resides in the kitchen, the core of the house) the message will pop up across the top of my screen. If I am out and about and/or at an appt and on the iPad a text message or phone call will also show as a pop-up on that device.

So technically, I'm pretty reachable. (Unless I don't want to be reachable.)

The phone ringing is kinda like my doorbell ringing. My anxiety jumps to a heighten state and my brain goes, "WHO GOES THERE? STRANGER DANGER!!!" Because everyone who knows me knows as well that either I am expecting you and you can walk right in (the door will be unlocked) or you drive around back. If you have to ring the doorbell? You aren't expected and your unexpected visit might not be appreciated much.

So there it is. If you want reach me, REALLY want to reach me. Don't call. Don't make me jump. Don't make me anxious. TEXT me. And I'll be sure to get back to you; and none of that waiting on those little dots...

~ The Life of Farmer*sWife


1 comment:

MidWestMissy said...

I will have to remember this. Text don't call. I don't want to make you anxious. xoxo