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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Tubs, Sheets and Why is that?

True confessions:  I don't like to scrub the tub.  I know, this is ME here.  But, it's just a thing I tend to procrastinate about.

I'm back to keeping up with my blog again; though, in my sporadic absences I did gain new followers!  Thank you!  [Or wait, is it because of my sporadic absences? LOL!]

I have a disliking for folding fitted sheets.  Why is that?  And, why haven't they invented some little cardboard or plastic gadget that would work like the one's they use for shirts in clothing stores?  Sure, I fold mine and they look all neat and lined up.

But, I cheat.

I stuff and tuck all the non-matching parts within the layers until it looks like a clean, semi sharp rectangle.

So, this morning I woke and immediately started into household chores when I wanted to be doing other stuff; but the chores were in need to be done.  But, everyone else was watching TV, playing and doing as they pleased.  The only chores to be done were the ones that are always done by me.

Ah, well, that's the way the cookie crumbles.

But, why when my daughter cleans up her own room on her own mind you, does it end up being a lot of work for me?  She brings stuff in and out and I end up on quality/clutter management.

So, Christmas is over and we have dawned to a new day.  I did take a little time to catch up over at Emmeline's place.  And, now I'm going to open up my textbook and start on my writing assignment.

As soon as I tend to the sibling rivalry from the other side of the house.  Why is that?

Happy Friday, FWFD of the week -- even if school IS out!!  Today is like having and extra Saturday!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link love!!! You're the best. (And, I know you just got caught up, but I just put up one more update about The Cyclist. ;) No rush, though. Mosey on over when you have the time.)

Glad to hear you're having a bit of relaxing time post-Christmas craziness. That is always nice. And don't worry too much about the chores - it's Christmas break! :)


Michéle Hastings said...

my motto is "she who scrubs the tub deserves a bubble bath".

kcinnova said...

If I had a Queen of Sheba tub, I'd be more likely to scrub the tub. Instead, the only tub at my house is in the boys' bathroom -- and our water quality isn't that great, visually... so I let their tub go much too long between cleanings. I keep hoping THEY will want to clean it before I do. Yeah, wishful thinking on my part!

I do the same thing with fitted sheets. (Or better yet, don't make the bed until they come out of the dryer/off the clothesline -- and just put them back on the beds!)