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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Just as soon as I.....

Just as soon as I.....

start this post, something will once again interrupt my thoughts and the clickity-click of my nails across the keyboard.

Where have I been that it has been six days since my last post.  And, even that one was for the pleasure of my Lil'Gal -- all 6 1/2 going on 16 -- and her love of "Bubble Gum Music".

Well, I will say, that I have never had more drafts of posts saved since I started blogging as I do for this month.  I start something totally on a mission with something to say and to share, even if just for the love of reading myself back to myself -- and then, as is life, I get interrupted and when I return I'm no longer on that pattern or thought process and the whole thing that seemed genious at first seems suddenly moot.

[Moot, where did that word come from anyhow?  It is a good word though.  Better than saying "it suddenly seems impertinent or it suddenly seems to lack importance..."  When I hear the word 'moot' I think empty, cold, claylike, wet.....mud.  Something that could have been but turned back to the matter from which it started... something that fell short from its original destiny.]

So, I've been wasting away my days, here of late.  Just trying to get through one, so looking forward to the next, only to find myself in the same predicament when I awake on a new but somber morning.

The cold and the grey outside are of no consolation.  I miss the warmth and the sunshine.  It refills my glow.   I feel like a slug zipped and tucked safely in my castle where I can hide from the world outside until sun returns to warm the bubble I maintain around my life.

I've been reading.  A lot. Lot of reading.  But, not the typical stuff I read about improving life, relationships, family, finances, children, education.  Escape reading.  It's addicting.  And, we all know I have an addictive personality.  After reading thousands of pages of the Twilight Saga (and yes, Lis, I've started to read Twilight itself from the beginning) I've read Shiver, and in the middle of the SnowBride or whatever it is called (cute, so far) and have about finished reading a trashy (oh-so-trashy) Harlequin Novel.  Though, I wouldn't call it a novel in all it's predictability and the fact that the paper back was a mere $3.99 at Walmart.  Not quality reading by any forte, but then I wasn't looking for quality when I spontaneously picked it up.

[Another not me, spontaneity and expenditure....hmmmmm....]

I wanna' be writing.  I wanna' have a storyline take me over and just be destined to clickity-click-clack it out like you see on a movie where the protagonist is finally struck with the 'meaning of it all' and out comes something wonderful (and profitable).  Profit is always nice.

Lis is kickin' it with her Seventh Tribe [soon to be] series.  She's really going all the way and I will be her biggest hoop'in, hollerin' fan when she gets that big announcement that it shall be published.  It both excites me and inspired me -- and, I will say quite honestly intimidates me slightly.

Can I ever write like that?  Yes, that question does cross my mind.  As an optimist I think "I can do it."  But, the realist sometimes sneaks in and makes me wonder, "Would I be good at it."  [For shame, I wrote that.]

But, I am an optimist; and even though the sight outside is gloomy and pessimistic, I shall find my groove and get back to it.

Ah well, I've rambled on long enough.  The fire place is toasty but as stated at the beginning of this post, just as soon as I...  "Sure Honey!  Sure Kids!  Just as soon as I hit post....."

Happy Hump-Day; put some liquid warmth in it and maybe add a few marshmallows and some whipped cream!

[And, why is it marshmAllows when it should read marshmEllows....  Just Sayin'.]



Dez said...

Why, just why, wasn't I with you when you deided to be "spontaneous"?! It's just not fair.

Anonymous said...

Was wondering why you'd been so quiet. But of course . . . you've got a lot going on. Make sure you carve out plenty of time to come over to my place next time you're able . . . I've got a long one for you. :)


Melissa said...

I was missing your posts!

Nova, I think you have more confidence in me than I do myself most days. I'm constantly second-guessing my writing and wondering if my words are good enough to be bound and sold. But it's about the process just as much as the outcome. I'm honing my skills as a writer, and that's what's important (although it would be nice to get that three-book deal).

Listen - you have the time to write when your kids are in school. If you're going to make writing your career, treat it as such. Set aside four hours during the day in which to sit down and do nothing but write. Make it a priority. Floors and bathrooms can wait. ;-)

Lisa said...

ah life its great hahahaah

kcinnova said...

Moot. That's when you get your boots wet in the muddy cold moat water and decide to just go home. ;)

I've only had posts up lately because I can schedule them in advance.
And we're supposed to get a big snowstorm tomorrow! Yippee!!