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Friday, December 4, 2009


Sometimes, I wish life came with a pause button. Like earmarking a page of a book, so that you can set it aside while you read something else, or go back and repeat a previous chapter.

What if life were like a bookshelf. Whatever mood you woke up in on any particular day would allow you to pick up that chapter or book and live it out. Never missing anything, never losing or giving up anything. Just a change in stories to refresh it all for awhile...

Sometimes it would just be nice for everything in this month, this day, this moment to pause. And, maybe I could flip the channel knowing I could go back and pick up right where I was.

But, life doesn't pause, does it?

Have a wonderful weekend ~



Anonymous said...

I totally understand and agree with this sentiment. But that is the beauty of life, isn't it? Not knowing when or where things will pick up or slow down, not knowing how they'll play out, and not knowing where we will end up or sometimes even why.

A pause button would be nice, yes. But life is too interesting without it.


Dez said...

I hear ya! I sometimes wish that I had a remote to pause or fast forward people talking, or dogs barking! PIPER - HUSH!!!

Prohomemaker.Com said...

How about adding in a delete button? ... Wait, that's what gin is for. :-)

Dez said...

AHAHAHAHA..... PRO! Most definitely, add a delete button! But, what the hey? That's for the "day" that you can't do gin. LOL

kcinnova said...

I nearly always want a pause button. Think how much you could accomplish if you could hit pause, then take a nap or blog or whatever, and then hit "Play" to resume life!!

tt said...

have you been up in my grape lately or what??? I've wanted a remote control for my life FOREVER!! especially the pause and delete buttons. Oh how wonderful that would be.