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Sunday, December 27, 2009

41 years later; they found each other again...

I have so much else I should be doing besides typing away on Macxine; I did get my writing assignment basically completed and I don't have to email it in until the 30th.  So, I can perk and tweek it a  little more.  [Thanks Lis for the quick skim and ideas about where I could clip a few words.]

But, I HAVE TO TELL THIS STORY!  At least in part today and maybe I'll come back with bits and pieces, chapters if you may.

41 Years Later, My Daddy and his first ever love have found each other and are together.  Together-together.  They live thousands of miles apart with separate lives but they have visited and spent time together and it is just like it was 1968,9 or whatever year it was when Daddy graduated high school.

The story is so incredible and beautiful that I really would love to write it up into a romance novel.  But, then I get intimidated when I think about all the details and interviews I have to do with them both.  Unless, I just made up the middle and then Daddy could be my shadow reader and write in pieces and places that I missed.

It would also be telling two stories of two people and where their lives went and the paths that suddenly brought them back together.

Those of you who have followed me from the beginning know that my Dad went through a divorce after 21+years of marriage; to which, he jumped through every hoop to save.  But, she just decided she wasn't in love with him anymore and quit the whole family.  None of my business; everyone lives their own lives and has their own hearts and minds so I hope she made the right decision for herself.

Anyhow, during the ugly D process there was, of all things, a high school reunion.  My Dad considered attending but then blew it off as it was an 8 hour drive and he just wasn't feeling it.  Who would under the circumstances?

So, his first love -- I shall call her Eden -- was asking around about him.  Several of the class members where mingling by phone and calling, emailing and setting up for the reunion.  She was there.  If only Daddy had known -- I bet he would have been there too.

Anyhow, she asked a buddy of my Dad's about my Dad.  He shared what Dad had been going through, yada-yada. Said Buddy called my Dad.  "Hey, Big Guy, guess who is looking for you?"  My Dad was stunned.

Said Buddy gave Eden my Daddy's phone number.  She pondered it about a week or two.  Did he remember her the way she remembered him?  Where they still the same two people from 41 years ago?  Had his life changed him or was he all in all the same boy/man he was back then?

SHE CALLED HIM.  They spoke for hours.  They talk everyday at least once a day.  Waking up together in the mornings and tucking each other in at night.  They talk, and talk and they are 41 years younger and still....  It's a beautiful story.  When I talk to my Dad I see it all in my head like he's reading pages to me from a really good book.  A perfect love story.

Anyhow, kids are fighting and laundry is waiting and I have books to be read and my new toy to finish the tutorial on.  But,  I had to share.  Oh, and she is still just beautiful.  Back in the day?  She was a BOND GIRL.  Not in real life, but had O-O-7 seen her -- well, actually, he wouldn't have stood a chance. ;-)

Happy Sunday!



kcinnova said...

This certainly would make a great story! But I can see where it might be awkward, what with being about your own Daddy. ;)

Anonymous said...

What a sweet story!!! I want to hear more! I want them to move to be near each other!!


HA - how perfect. My word verification is FATED. :)

The Queen said...

To funny.. what an awesome story. I love a good romance

Melissa said...

Aw . . . I love stories like this!